Humble Mobile Bundle 22: Carcassone, Scotland Yard, Splendor and More for Very Little Money

Welcome to the Edition number 22 of Humble Mobile Bundle, where You can get to acquire up to eight games for your smartphone by donating very little money, part of which goes to charity. There is a minimum or maximum on what to donate limit, you choose the amount, and, accordingly, get games that can reach a total value of $54 on Google Play.

On this occasion, if doughnuts one dollar (€0.90) or more, you will get Carcassone and Scotland Yard, If you donate $3 or more (about €2.71) added Splendor, Catan and THE aMAZEing Labyrinth, and if you donate $6 or more (about €4.52) added Ticket To Ride, San Juan and Galaxy Trucker. Will be added a little later games to the package that you purchase it before, will be yours.


It is of a puzzle game in which several players must build a map with several cities shift. Each player earns extra points for placing own followers (Knights, thieves, monks, farmers…), and in the end, the one with more points, is the winner. Google Play the game is £ 3.99 and five expansions are included for free, although you can get it by donating a dollar or more.

Scotland Yard

On this occasion we have one adaptation of a board game more than 30 years of age with the same name, and in it you should hunt down Mr. X if you choose to be one of the five officers from Scotland Yard or remain hidden if you decide to adopt the role of Mister X. This game is to €4,99 on Google Play, but you can have it by donating a dollar or more.

Ticket To Ride

Here we have another adaptation of a board game, This time you will have to travel between the different metro stations in several countries, which include the original map of the United States included in the Board game that is based on Ticket To Ride. This game, by itself alone, is worth € 7.99 on Google Play, but you can have them by donating $5 or more.

San Juan

San Juan is a card game based on the Board game Puerto Rico, where he must do’s Governor, manufacturer, producer, trader or Councillor to be more profitable than the one of your rivals constructions. This game you can find in Google Play for €6,99, but you can have them by donating $5 or more.

Galaxy Trucker

Galaxy Trucker are, as he says his own name, a galactic trucker, and will have to face different challenges such as piloting a ship with most of its damaged engines or build ships with sewage pipes, without need to bring freight to its destination. The game, by itself alone, costs €4,99 on Google Play, but you can have them by donating $5 or more.


In Splendor you’re a wealthy merchant during the Renaissance, and your mission is to acquire mines using your resources so that the artisans become beautiful jewelry, gems with what earn prestige to take the victory of the match. This game It can be purchased at Google Play £ 7.49, but you can have them by donating $3 or more.


Catan is a strategy game in which they can participate up to five players and you will have to get all possible settlements, the best trade routes and the largest army. Buy on line Google Play Catan for €4.49, but you can have them by donating $3 or more.

THE aMAZEing Labyrinth (the magic labyrinth)

We closed this edition the magic labyrinth, a puzzle game in which you have to modify the paths of the labyrinth to bring your character to the treasure that give you the victory against your rivals. The game is available for €5.99 on Google Play, but you can get it by donating $3 or more.