Humble Mobile Bundle: HandyGames Tea Brings over 15 Games for Very Little Money

Probably because you are familiar with the Humble Bundle, package of games or applications in which pay what you want and you collaborate with charitable organizations by donating money. On this occasion we are before a Humble Mobile Bundle after focusing on Edition 22 table games now returns with more varied developer HandyGames games.

If you were already thinking to get ahold of a few games for the Christmas holidays, you’re in luck because this package includes a lot: no less than 15 games, for now, and it is that they will be added more titles on Monday. They are some of the most popular games including HandyGames Townsmen, 1942 Pacific Front and Guns ‘n’ Glory Heroes. There are games for all tastes: strategy, Arcade and RPG.

If you pay a dollar or more

If you pay a euro or more you’ll take home four games valued at nearly twelve euros. It’s the Premium versions, so that they do not include advertising (although they continue to have in-app purchases). These are the games you get to pay a dollar or more.

  • 1941 Frozen Front Premium: game of turn-based war strategy set in the second world war. The Premium version has a normal price of 2.99 euros.
  • ACEs of the Luftwaffe Premium: similar to the previous setting, but in this case is a game Arcade in which you must shoot aircraft down thousands. The Premium version has a normal price of 2.99 euros.
  • Aporkalipse: fun and original game type puzzle in which you should avoid the Apocalypse controlling a pig superhero. The Premium version has a normal price of 1.99 euros.
  • Clouds & Sheep: what sheep and clouds have in common? Very little, but here you can control both in this game of simulation that should take care of your flock. The Premium version has a normal price of 2.99 euros.
  • Guns ‘n’ Glory WW2: Defense game set in the second world war. Choose your side and prevent the advance of the troops enemy managing your army, better troops, or by launching air strikes. The Premium version has a normal price of 2.99 euros.

If you pay more than $3

If you donate more than three dollars you get five previous games and five others, all of them in version Premium ad-free. These five will be added soon more games next Monday, but if you buy it today also have right to them. These are the games of this price range:

  • Rocket Island Premium: curious game of Hexagon puzzle in which you must build rockets and launch them into space to rescue the citizens of cosmic disaster and keep them safe on the Moon.
  • Ninja Hero Cats Premium: game of action in which you take control of a group of ninja cats in his battle against aquatic monsters from another dimension. The Premium version has a normal price of 2.99 euros.
  • Guns ‘n’ Glory Zombies Premium: Guns’n ‘ Glory is the saga of games of Defense from HandyGames, which on this occasion is situated in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. Destroy the hordes of zombies before they destroy you to you. The Premium version has a normal price of 2.99 euros.
  • Stage Dive Legends Premium: plays incredible only guitar and surf literally on the audience to collect gold coins and power-ups while doing a world tour. The Premium version is priced at 2.99 EUR.
  • Devils & Demons: game of strategy RPG in which you must fight enemies like hordes of demons, undead, necromancers, and dragons. The Premium version costs 2.99 EUR.

If you pay more than five dollars

It is for any donation of five dollars you will receive ten previous games (more the extra that will come later) and other five games. In total fifteen games of the most varied styles and no advertising. These are the last five games of this Humble Bundle:

  • Townsmen Premium: one of the most popular games of HandyGames. It is a game of simulation where you will have to build and develop your medieval village. The Premium version has a cost in Google Play 0.99 EUR.
  • 1942 Pacific Front Premium: game of turn-based war strategy set in the second world war, as well as 1941 Frozen Front. The difference is that this took place in front of the Pacific Ocean. The Premium version is worth $ 2.99.
  • Clouds & Sheep 2 Premium: continuation of the curious game of simulation Clouds & Sheep in which you control the time to take care of your flock, with more adventures. Its price on Google Play is 2.99 EUR.
  • Guns ‘n’ Glory Heroes: the third installment of Guns’n ‘ available in this Humble Bundle Glory. Like the other is a Defense game, that this time it is set in the medieval fantasy world. Its price on Google Play is of
  • Dynamite Fishing Premium: the last game, for now, of this Humble Bundle is of fishing. Cane and networks? No, with dynamite, explosives several and toasters. It costs 2.99 euros in Google Play.

If you’re not convinced if you are interested in these games or not (the complete package is valued at about $42), all of them are available in Google Play for free but with advertising, so you can try them before you buy this Humble Bundle.