Immerse Yourself in the 50s with Bettie Page

Unlike other stores, where items that sell are vintage or retro, inspired in different decades, Bettie Page is a shop that sells only clothing that seems to exit 50. Not even arguably that it is “inspiration”, since the clothes are taken almost identically from many that were very popular in the Decade of the 50.

Immerse Yourself in the 50s with Bettie Page

For the pin-up girls contemporary

As its name implies, the store is his greatest inspiration in Bettie Page, who was perhaps the most famous pin-up . Sailors dresses, skirts of moles, wide crinolines, halter and other clothing models that can be found there seems to output precismante of an almanac of that era. According to the website of the brand, this clothing has been created by Tatyana fashion designer, and they are practically vintage reproductions.

What can I find in the store?

Bettie Page is all a place of worship to the Decade of the 50s. Don’t wait find blended or contemporary styles, it is practically a place dedicated to reproduce the look of the pin up girls, from the clothes, the accessories to makeup.

You will find dresses classics of the 50, joint break in shorts, crinolines, sweaters with inspiration from the era to match dresses or co-ordinated which are sold in the shop, also you can find some lingerie, swimsuits and magazines specialized in makeup of the 50. There is a small collection of dresses for girl with MOM dresses.

What defines the style of the 50s?

The Decade of the 50 was characterized by large crinolines, round skirts, with the backless halter necks. Although both was not displayed, the clothing was suggestive and sensual. The ideal women figure was voluptuous breasts, hips, shapely legs and small waists. The hairstyles were skilled workers and with volume, makeup was used with eyeliner on eyes and lips very red.

Where is there a shop of Bettie Page?

You can find Bettie Page stores in Las Vegas – Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas–Caesar’s Palace, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Minneapolis, Salt Lake City, Santa Barbara, Philadelphia, Boston, Fort Lauderdale, New York and Portland. However, other stores specializing in retro fashion and vintage, like ModCloth, manage your items.

Who was Bettie Page?

Bettie Page was an icon of the 1950s and perhaps the model and pin-up girl most famous of his time. His style influenced the fashion of those times. Page showed interest in fashion and designed some swimwear and lingerie used in some of his most famous photographs.

His hair dyed black oscurisimo, their thickness and bangs his sexy image earned him the nickname of The Dark Angel (dark angel). In the 50’s, his image was practically in all newsstands.

After posada with very little clothing and have achieved fame for their sensuality, Page is converted to Christianity, so remained out of the spotlight for a long time. When the 50 fashion re-emerged in the early 80’s, Page returned to having a large number of fans.

Many contemporary celebrities have been inspired by the style of Bettie Page, which include Christina Aguilera, Madonna and Katy Perry.

Bettie Page died on December 11, 2008, at the age of 85. During his last years of life, it never allowed to be photographed him, because he wanted to his fans remember it as the beautiful pin-up who had been.