The mobile market is flourishing in China and India

Today, there are some interesting cell phone models in China and India, which do not published in European countries, for example by the manufacturer sharp in this country more noted for television than for phones. An enormous market for cell phones in the last few years in India and China developed: make phone calls over a billion people in the two countries currently with mobile phones – and rising. Of the fastest growing mobile market, India is closely followed by China. And the market is far from exhausted: currently will diligently continue work on the network expansion.

Differences between town and country

First used mobile phones mainly in the big cities, now also the poorer, rural regions are added. Every second Indian/Chinese will soon be mobile distance after estimates. Also the Internet via mobile phone is used there.
For mobile phone manufacturers a gold mine, because in the West of the market is relatively maxed out, thus that a very high cell density is already present. Nokia in particular is extremely popular both in China and in India. But there are also producers who are active on this market and are not well known in European countries, such as for example the manufacturer sharp. In this country it is known more for TV or HiFi technology – sharp belongs to the most popular mobile phone manufacturers in China.

India complaints from citizens who feel harassed by usage people are piling up in by the way. The Government is considering to introduce a phone ban for temples and other cultural sites now from hence.