Internet tariffs from Vodafone

Vodafone has released 4 new tariffs. In accordance with the Combi tariffs from T-Mobile, which relax as the successor of the successful XL tariffs contain a data volume, has published now Vodafone the SuperFlat Internet tariffs.
Vodafone specifically for the HTC magic Google Phone, which 3 months will be distributed contracts exclusively with Vodafone offered.

Just like in the T-Mobile Combi, there are no data flat rate but only 200 MB of included in the entry-level price SuperFlat tariffs which were first offered rates only for the iPhone as a complete weekend. From the Super flat fixed and Super flat mobile Vodafone has added a full data flat rate for mobile phones the collective.

From the SuperFlat landline/mobile there is a SMS/MMS Flatrate participants on weekends to Vodafone. From the SuperFlat there is 40 free SMS to all networks and 3000 SMS and MMS 1500 to Vodafone. From the SuperFlat AllNet, the customer gets even monthly 3000 SMS in all networks and 1500 MMS for Vodafone, and unlimited use of Instant Messenger from Vodafone.

The fare is

applied by Vodafone first and foremost with the HTC Magic with Google. The tariff is but sold with any Smartphone also.

BIE bridgat there are the Internet tariffs immediately and all mobile phones without a contract with bar payout. We find that this collective is a nice extension for the Vodafone tariff portfolio and can recommend these smartphones.

The tariffs at a glance:

In May and June 2009, the new Vodafone are exempt from the access fee, by the way tariffs on