iPhone 4 G is iPhone 3GS – official Keynote von Apple

Apple has today in the keynote of the worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) presented interesting innovations. In recent years such as the MacBook per (2006) or that was presented at this event iPhone 3 G.

Basic enough so even at the event this year on the presentation to draw attention. Steve Jobs was as advertised, not doing, because he is still recovering from his illness.  Therefore facilitates the marketing chief Phil Schiller the keynote 2009 and presented the new releases.

First entered on MacBooks and the Apple operating system. First came to the conclusion to speak the language on the iPhone.


that new operating system iPhone OS 3.0 will be on June 17, 2009. All previous Apple this is provided free of charge iPhone users as an update, users have the ability to get the update for $9.95 USD iPod touch. The price in Germany can however vary.

The new features of the iPhone OS 3.0 briefly summarized (altogether there are approximately 100 new features):

Least it is the idea of the long-awaited iPhone. Contrary to the assumptions, it is not iPhone 4 g. Rather, simply a s was appended to the previous name and is now iPhone 3GS. s stands for “ speed ”, so speed. the new iPhone with improved hardware has a longer battery life and at the same time a speed increase in the browsing with HSDPA and better processing of data through faster processor and more memory.

Will appear in 2 variations: 16 GB and 32 GB in black and white. It is also already on 19.06.2009 appear variant at a price of $199.00 USD in the 16 GB version and $299.00 USD in the 32 GB. These prices apply to the purchase contract in the United States. Prices in Europe may be different.

The new iPhone will be at bridgat unfortunately not available online.
The right to the online sales remains due to provisions of Apple at T-Mobile itself

If you are interested the new iPhone can be ordered however retail store at the Hamburg goose market 50 (in the goose market passage) in the friendly T-Mobile T-partner. The phone number is: 040 35016544.
Pre-orders are there already placed.

UPDATE 15.06.2009: the new iPhone has an oleophobic coating on the touch screen. The back is unfortunately also in the iPhone 3Gs with fingerprints.