iPhone 5S Release Date Delayed

The Apple iPhone 5S to currently circulating rumor a 4.3 ″ retina display get, which is why the Smartphone must be established now almost completely new. Supposedly Apple cannot the usual cycle of product meet this, so to move iPhone 5 S clearly backwards the Apple. The reports are based on the Bloomberg news magazine (here of the article), which want to have the information from the Taiwan commercial times – which want to have their information from Apple suppliers.

We believe that nonsense is: as the experience shows, all of the rumors that deviate from certain gradient hardware improvements and feature news, often only marketing gags are. Whether it now itself or from work used by Apple with influence in the world, we can not tell. We expect at least set a release of a slightly improved Apple iPhone 5S (essentially: processor, graphics, memory, camera, battery life) in the autumn of the year. Do we, as usual that’s also no greater display than 4 ″ will give despite the continuing trend to build larger smartphones.

Major changes are already with the new operating system iOS 7 come, that will officially start in September. A larger display diagonal is, in our opinion, only expected iPhone 6 with the Apple or but release a cheap iPhone, therefore should deviate Apple from its previous premium route.