iPhone LTE vs iPhone 5

So far, Apple had a consistently conservative course, which went to the Group’s own cashcow iPhone. Every year, there were exactly a new iPhone, which provided mostly rather small changes compared to its predecessor. The older iPhone models (currently: Apple iPhone 4 and 4S) have been consistently maintained and reduce the price with the release of the new Apple iPhones – a “ cheap ” version of the iPhone? Actually unthinkable, if you look at the previous Apple strategy. Now the rumors, there is growing however, the highly successful group equipment under increasing pressure and change its strategy.

No wonder: In the open Android market and turn over the hardware news and also in terms of processing, the competition is catching up. The best example is the HTC one, which is the quality of workmanship of the iPhones in nothing. The selection on the display sizes is also significantly larger: from the small display up to the huge Phablets over 5 ″ diagonal every taste is served. The price range in which iPhones move is also very small, because the predecessor models cost even in a “ refurbished ” variant, usually much more than cheap Android or Windows phone 8 Smartphones (such as for example the recommended Nokia Lumia 520 with free offline navigation). All of this seems to force Apple to reconsider.

With Apple iOS 7 is the first obvious change in the House – the operating system is customizable, much more colorful and fresh (we have reported in detail). In addition it should supposedly soon a cheap iPhone (Apple iPhone Lite) in many bright colors like in Nokia (the Lumia series), which should replace the old iPhones as cheap deals. Apple might thus abandons the rigid premium strategy, new clientele to develop. Whether they as a result but losing its premium reputation and losing customers at the same time? In any case, stormy times preclude the company from Cupertino. We are curious whether this also on the upcoming Apple iPhone 5 S will affect and despite of all speculation, possibly still a larger display installed.