iPhone security gap closed – with and without jailbreak

Currently you need no matter whether 3 G, 3 G S and iPhone 4, a bit worried about the Smartphone when opening PDF files with your iPhone, because a security gap opened the door to the file system malicious programs of any kind. This can have bad consequences have, e.g. for damage to the software, data in the hands of third parties, or even damage to the iPhone. So far you could help Warner is only via PDF loading, which, however, does not close the gap, but displays only a warning, if you want to open a PDF. An update has both Apple and the jailbreak community now ready to fill the security gap.

Update from Apple: iOS 4.0.2

Apple has now discovered the security hole and closed with the update to iOS 4.0.2. This can be easily downloaded via iTunes and installed, with the update but the complete firmware is updated. I.e., this security gap that a jailbreak then is no longer possible, because as we have reported, the jailbreak exploit. When the jailbreak is again possible, is not clear. Downgrade of the firmware, should you accidentally have performed an update, is possible only with difficulty.

Jailbreak and closed security hole

Jailbreak the PDF loading was delivered with Warner, to warn any PDF access. Well, there’s the opportunity to close the security hole with a patch with jailbreak. The best: In contrast to the complete update is this not a firmware update and installed jailbreak remains. Another benefit: the security gap since version 3.1.2, so that even the older generation Apple iPhone 3 G is affected. Unfortunately the current software installation is not recommended, iOS 4 on the 3 G so that the update to 4.0.2 is not recommended – why, can you read in our blog. Closing the critical PDF vulnerability is possible with an iPhone 3 G with installed jailbreak.

How to do the update with jailbreak?

The update with a mobile phone with jailbreak goes on all iPhone models easily and easily by hand. Simply open Cydia and search for “ PDF patch ”. You must install the program by Jay Freeman then just as usual and after a reboot of the Smartphone, the gap is closed. It couldn’t be simpler!