Is Being Abused in The ‘ Free to Play’ to Win Players?

Possibly one of the things that makes Android so immensely popular is, after its ability to be customized and the freedom that it offers, its games catalog. Surely many of which are common players in Android has a favorite games podium and a handful more installed.

The immense variety of games that can be found in Google Play favors that two main models of distribution there are: payment games and the now called ‘free to play’. The latter is the one that concerns us now, and is, in short, a ‘free to play’ is a game by which download you do not pay, but that may include payments within the application.

And they are these payments ‘in-app’ that can cause some controversy if decisions do not fall well within the community of players. Increasingly is adopting this model of distribution of games, but that “free” game You can hide a way of gaining money coming to hinder your gaming experience.

This suggests that certain groups of developers are using the ‘free to play’ mode as bait to attract more players, more people to install your application for, when already have been engaged, start putting some kind of obstacles so you feel the need to pay to advance a little faster.

How to hit with a ‘free to play’ game?

The balance in this kind of games is terribly delicate, as a good game of this type should be offered the opportunity to move forward without need to pay (which everyone does), but without imposing an extreme hardship or other obstacles to make the user feel that it has blocked, because that’s going to end up scaring you.

Where This model of distribution of games is most successful in the casual games, as Candy Crush Saga or Angry Birds 2, two known examples. In them you can play anything you want, provided that you keep the “lives”, as if they just can not continue unless you pay.

These games, as you progress, are more complicated, but not get the hardest things of what your skill has evolved. If you’re someone who only plays a few minutes a day, you can move at your own pace, without paying a penny if you do not want, while if you’re busy, you can you see tempted to pay to replenish your life.

‘ Pay to win’, the sin of not a few games ‘free to play’

In certain types of games, those that, somehow, encourages competition between players from around the world, There are certain advantages to those who pay, which tend to be better equipped for that, without having more talent than others, can beat them and move forward faster than others toward a goal.

Are those multiplayer games, such as Order & Chaos Online, those who fall more into this bad habit of the ‘pay to win’, Although it is not exclusive of Android, but also games on any other operating system. This term is used when a game pay means, basically, offer significant advantages without doing much effort to stay above others with more talent or who have made more effort.

Clear, can move forward without pay, but come a time in which you see overwhelmed, either by other players who have been left some money to acquire advantages, or updates that add features that can only access to those who have more advanced.

Those large companies that take out ‘free to play’ games that happen to be ‘pay to win’ they know that there will be a certain amount of players willing to pay to gain additional benefits that, often, they are disproportionate, and still follow this policy. In fact, those games are often “free” because they will get more money with the ‘pay to win’.

Then, is it being abused ‘free to play’?

Everyone will have an opinion formed in this regard, but if you ask me to me, I would say yes, just for what is mentioned in the preceding paragraph, is that greed makes several games to lose charm to get things too difficult so that you consider the possibility of paying for progress.

Typical claim of “Hey, this game is free” is catching on very strong in the community, he encouraged to download it and to vitiate it, but in those ‘pay to win’ many will be unhappy When others, simply paying ahead them, especially if you are a competitive.

I’m not saying that there should be a way that developers earn money without having to put advertising in your game, because Some are so good that, simply for the excellent work that has been done, they deserve a donation by way of thanks, and is well up to the possibility of providing continuity as in the mentioned above (Candy Crush and Angry Birds 2).

Are those that “block” to the player, placing excessively difficult the task of advancing, that abuse of the system ‘free to play’, they know that they will generate more benefits while the game will be less fair this way. Do you think that it is abusing the ‘free to play’ games to attract more players?