Jailbreak for iPhone 4 available

Jailbreak, the escape from jail of the Apple restrictions, is not only for a short time in the United States officially legal but can now also on the iPhone 4. This time succeeded the Devteam, to offer the software directly via the Safari Web browser. Before, it was always necessary to download the software to your PC and then install. Apple will not be pleased sure, but elicit the owners of iPhone 4: with the jailbreak your iPhone some features that are otherwise blocked.


What does the jailbreak?

, A jailbreak opens up new possibilities for the use of the Apple Smartphone. There are not officially licensed applications to install and the user interface of iOS can also customize 4 widgets and the like. Countless apps, that would otherwise be unavailable through the official Appstore, are with the jailbreak to install. The sources for this (the most famous being Cydia and Installous) be installed directly. Pay a lot of software is offered free of charge, which is not recommend downloading these programs: programming, a time-consuming affair is qualitatively high-quality apps. Download of this “ gecrackten ” apps is not only legally at least problematic, but takes long to that decreases the willingness to the programming of good apps. In case of doubt you try the apps on the way and buy it later in the Appstore officially.

Jailbreak on iPhone 4 on your own risk

It cannot be excluded, that jailbreak malware gets through to your Smartphone. The jailbreak is no official offer from Apple, but a privately-provided program. Comprehensive checks are not carried and we accept no liability for any damages to your Smartphone. A jailbreak can have the loss of warranty the result. Read more in our full report on the subject of “ what are jailbreak and unlock the Apple iPhone 3 G, 3 G S or iPod touch? “.

That is now even more attractive iPhone 4?

, The iPhone 4 from Apple has not only a very good display, awesome processor, and amount of memory. In addition to the hardware power of this Smartphone, it offers the Smartphone software at all. Apple iOS 4 is unbeaten with regard to ease of use. Unfortunately Apple, in contrast to Google’s Android, many restrictions in the closed-source operating system has iOS 4 installed. In addition, Apple’s applications are heavily monitored and it is sometimes unnecessarily censored even in supposedly harmless content. With the jailbreak work around the restrictions, customize your user interface to your needs and install all the apps you want to. That makes the iPhone 4 even more attractive in my opinion. Guests at the same time the advantages of the golden cage of Apple and the freedoms that keeps open only Google Android.