Jewelry for Everyone

Everyone has earned a little jewelry, everyone.There should be no acceptance.We ourselves are of course at the top.But also all the “beloved” people around us.And yes, “beloved” is really to be considered with special emphasis.You can also call it irony.So please keep in mind that this column can be considered once again with a wink.At least.

Jewelry for the scratch-resistant mother-in-law

Somehow it is so that we also define (let) what we bear. Of course, our clothes quickly get to grips with. And about jewelry and accessories. Let’s just turn around the spit, and just write a piece of jewelery to a few of our fellow-men who fit their personality quite well. At least in our opinion. Here at you can get more information of the precious.
In the title I have already indicated it. Unfortunately it is so that some of us have a daughter-in-law. Outwardly, we make a good face to the evil game. Inside it is seething. Did the daredevil pull out his claws again? Well, then we give her jewelry with rivets and sharp tips.It looks really great and fits perfectly to her personality.

Jewelry for little devil girls

Or we take the little daughter of the best friends who somehow never will listen to their parents and generally not to adults. Like a dick, she bursts and roars her will. And thus always reaches its goal. Delicate floral decoration does not fit her at all. Here must be something robust. Let us give something to the little devil, which gives us pleasure. Like a wink with the fence post. Here a charm fits perfectly, which carries a heart in the middle and is nevertheless provided with devil horns .

Watches for ever-to-late-comers

Oh, it’s fun. Do you want more? Me, yes! You have certainly also some examples at hand of people, who never never never create, at least sometimes approximately punctual. What is so hard about it?! There is such a very useful thing that calls itself a clock.Really!That binds you around the wrist and from now on you always know how the hour has struck.Sounds magical.Is not it.Goes much easier.Give the one time a clock and write a nice message.And if he is still unpunctual, oh then I do not know.Maybe he just forgot to set his clock properly.Or he can not cope with her.I know from my private environment only too well.So if possible, give a watch that can easily be adjusted and changed.You have to think of everything.

This is, of course, only a small overview, which you can certainly complete.Which parade game do you remember?