Camera smartphone with LTE: Samsung Galaxy S4 zoom

, Samsung is the King of the Smartphone variations and known to release a new version even for individual features like a Smartphone. Best examples: the Samsung Galaxy touch 2 LTE, Galaxy S2 LTE or the S3 LTE. Now, Samsung also for the exotic camera smartphone Samsung Galaxy S4 zoom brings an LTE version on the market that having the fast mobile radio standard on board.


Otherwise nothing will change to the technical specifications of the camera smartphone with Android (here an article about this) – we are still not quite sure if the Galaxy S4 zoom is more camera or more smartphones. The front of the Samsung Galaxy S4 zoom looks like a normal Smartphone: with 4.3 ″ display (960 × 540 pixels, Super-AMOLED) is slightly smaller than the current high-end smartphones and technically slightly weaker (1.5 GHz dual-core, 1.5 gb memory).

Turn the Smartphone, but quickly reveals the digital camera optics: the Samsung Galaxy S4 pulls right zoom with a mid-size compact camera with a compact camera’s sensor, 16 megapixels and 10 zoom, but offers more diverse ways to make the photos directly in the network thanks to Android and corresponding social media apps. With LTE and a corresponding LTE rate this might work well also on the road rapidly!