Kindle E-Reader May Be Coming to Brazil

Following its strategy to spread its reader around the world, Amazon would be preparing the Kindle launch in Brazil.

The initial idea would be to offer a basic device, that is, a monochrome e-reader.Because Amazon manufactures 5 models of this type, the choice could then be the Kindle Touch, which costs US $ 99 in the US.

Here it would arrive for approximately 200 reais.Its closest competitor is the Alfa E-reader, from Brazil’s Positivo, which can be found for 399 reais.

Brazilian content

One of the biggest challenges of Amazon is to offer Brazilian content.According to the website The Next Web, the US company would already be working on the licensing of online content in Brazil.

Negotiations with local publishers began in May 2011, when Amazon hired a local team dedicated to acquiring Kindle content.

Everything is connected to the Amazon store

When someone buys a Kindle gets “stuck” to the Amazon Store.Even so, it is not difficult to find on the web tutorials teaching how to do an unlock to gain access to the Android store (which now has the Google Play name).

But know that this configuration needs to be done by users with certain technical knowledge.

Kindle Fire can come too

No company opens the game, so Amazon does not say whether it will sell its Kindle Fire, a color-screen tablet that sells for $ 199. Here at AnswerMBA you can get more information of the PC.

But imagine on the shelf of the national stores a first-line tablet for about 450 reais.Would not you buy it?