Knog Bike Lights

Knog bike lights

Another brand, now essential in the field of lighting for bike: Knog lights. This brand of Australian origin, offers fires multiple qualities: high luminous intensity, a design very trendy, a universal fixing and not requiring no tool or even a convenient feeding system. With the possibility to buy only the front or the set matching. KNOG offers a range of different lights that adapts to all needs.

  • Blinder Road

The Blinder Road range is part of the most powerful lights brand. They shed light at an intensity of 250 lumens for the front and 70 lumens at the back. Equipped with internal rechargeable battery by USB these fires are very practical and economical for a very regular use of fires, in particular for high intensity lighting needs. The fire before attaches either on the handlebars or on the cyclist’s helmet if the latter does not want to clutter its hanger.

Fire before Blinder Road 250 Knog – taillight Blinder Road R70 Knog

Blinder Mob

The Blinder Mob is the range to the original look. With their 4 LEDs, Four Eyes lights – Blinder Knog Mob provide a good light intensity of 80 lumens in front and 44 lumens at the back. The surface in the background behind the LEDs is more reflective for a very high visibility. Easily mounted on the handlebar or seatpost, these lights are practical and simple to install. They are equipped with an internal rechargeable battery by USB.

Fire before Blinder Mob Knog – taillight Blinder Mob Knog


The Pop is the most accessible range of knog: these small coloured lights offer a quite sufficient light intensity for regular use in the city. The fire front offers an intensity of 60 lumens and taillight 5 lumens. Mounted on the handlebars and seatpost, these lights are mounted on the vast majority of bikes and are easy to install without tools. These lights are powered by batteries.

Fire before Pop II – taillight Pop R Knog

Bike Reelight lights

Reelight brand, specialized in the manufacture of induction battery-free bike lights, offers a wide range of fires, to meet the different needs of cyclists.

Induction lights

But how does a bike induction fire? The principle is simply this: the magnets installed on the rays will produce an electric current, as soon as they’re going to be spinning in front of a sensor or power supply (at the level of the brace). Light snaps on the first turn of the wheel.

Among fires induction is:

-The SL100 range: lights on the hub compatible with V-brakes or backpedaling.

-The SL200 range: lights on the hub compatible with disc brakes or brakes to roll.

-The SL500 range: light on the handlebars and seatpost

-The SL600 range: light on the fork, the seat post, front basket, or the rear luggage rack

-Range RL700: much more powerful lights (LED 1 Watt) on the fork/rear luggage rack, or on the fork/seatpost.

Battery lights

Reelight UGo fires are more suitable for urban cyclists: installation on handlebars, fork, strut and and seatpost – fire before 8 h continuous, 10 h flash – light rear 5 h continuous, 16 flashing.

Rechargeable lights by USB

Reelight EGo lights also go to urban cyclists. More ecological characteristics are the following: fixation on the handlebars and the seat post – front and rear lights flashing (battery life 4 hours) mode or continuous mode (autonomy 2 hours).