Critical security hole in iPhone iOS 4 operating system 4

Only recently have to additionally reported that the jailbreak for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 3 G S even over the internal browser is now possible. As always, the jailbreak only about a vulnerability that closes after Apple as soon as the hackers have released the jailbreak is possible. But this time the security gap is more dramatic, so that even the Federal Agency for security and information technology recommends how you should behave with his iPhone.

Jailbreak on the Web – PDF security vulnerability makes it possible

Usually Web applications can mess up any changes to the file system of the iPhone. However, the hackers who are responsible for the jailbreak, have found a security vulnerability. This is in the Safari browser: the user with the Safari browser, or from an email opens a non-trusted PDF, changes to the file system of the iPhone so the result can be or that private data find their way into the hands of hackers.

The jailbreak not install better?

Sure the hackers of the DevTeam, which have developed also the new jailbreak, could spread malware installation, send data to let or similar. The jailbreak is done always at your own risk. On the other hand also realistically one must see the whole: for years the hackers offer their free service and have also a reputation to lose. Previously, there was also still no such incidents at million iPhones with jailbreak from the first generation. The utility of Cydia, which is a direct part of the jailbreak, which can be “ PDF loading Warner ” install, which before opening a PDF once again secures, if you really want to open the PDF. Also the vulnerability of course without the jailbreak continues, until Apple releases the update.

Recommends the Federal Agency for security and information technology …

, There are apparently so many potential victims of the security breach that even the Federal Agency a recommendation calls for security and information technology, how concerned should behave, which installed a newer firmware version 3.1.2. All versions with a larger version called up 4 iOS to the latest hit, until Apple closes the security hole with a new version. The recommendation, which we can sign without further ADO, is therefore:

Apple with the next update will close the security gap. Until then, caution is advised with the handling of PDF files well. Remember: If you have installed a jailbreak, this will be no longer available after the update and downgrade to the previous firmware version is usually not or only with great effort.

The Android alternative: Samsung I9000 Galaxy S

It almost looks like an iPhone 3 G S, but with 4 ″ a bigger and just shows solely use higher resolution screen (800 × 480) with the new Super AMOLED technology, the Samsung due to a patent until 2011. Android is currently without greater security gaps on the way – only Google data collector you must trust probably give. The Samsung I9000 Galaxy S is probably currently the iPhone 4 alternative with a huge touchscreen, high-performance hardware and Android 2.1