Leather Goods from Frank Clegg

Earlier this year we wrote this on the Manolo about the American leather and väskspecialisten Ghurka from United States. Today’s article will be about Frank Clegg, another first-class leather specialist from the States. There is something special with a leather of high quality that with proper care will follow with their owners for years and over time grow old with a unique character. For this reason, it is justified to spend a little extra money when bags and accessories made of leather is purchased. It is an investment that will pay off over time.

As you readers may have noticed, we have a fondness for small-scale manufacturers where professional pride, knowledge and interest runs like a red thread through the entire operation. With Frank Clegg met all these criteria, and we therefore think that they deserve a little extra attention here on the Manolo.

The company has since 1974 in Fall River in Massachusetts made leather goods, primarily bags. The business was started by the man with the same name after he received a kit with leather tools of his then-girlfriend and current wife. He began to cultivate an interest and gradually learn increasingly within the profession. In the early stages, he met a couple in Boston with a store which came to buy Frank’s bags as they are now marketed in more than 30 years. After he finished his studies in business administration at reputable University Babson College also began his entrepreneurial spirit to take off and the business grew from a hobby to a business. Interest in leather and craft were in the family since his grandfather had worked at a tannery in England and his mother was a seamstress. The business has always been conducted as a genuine family business and Frank’s parents became his first employees. Today work his sons Andrew and Ian in the company and intends to pursue it further in the same way that Frank has done since its inception.

If you look at the products so it is 100% in-house. They both design and produce all the goods themselves and a large part of production is carried out entirely by hand, even if the torque with time some mechanically streamlined. They use only the best leather they can find and only such as are vegetable tanned. Much of the supply comes from coarser saddle leather that they believe will be accompany as long as the goods in this quality become heirlooms. We love or else the quality that they call signature tumbled which as the name suggests is a tumbled leather. The process makes the leather soft and especially appropriate for their popular tote bags. This natural leather has only been given a finish with a soft wax and has a wonderful luster and will get a fine patina with time.

The goods are sold in their own web shop as well as a number of stores in the United States. In time, however, since they have a wider and more fashion-conscious shop since the extremely popular ekiperarna at The Armoury in Hong Kong and New York raised the company’s bags.