LG G2 Snapdragon 800 Version

LG sets the label “ Optimus ” down and performs with the LG G2 is an impressive Smartphone without the suffix. The LG G2 is a next-generation with the new chipset 800 Snapdragon Android Smartphone (E.g. also in the Sony Xperia Z ultra) and rumor already end of August here be available in Germany. So that would be the LG G2 one time at least a small pioneering the new Android Smartphone generation that is to appear in September of this year.

LG with its new generation now not just trying to put the best hardware in a Smartphone, but tries with some software comfort to convince functions, similar to the Samsung Galaxy S4. Although revamp rather stuffy fare is available, appealing is the LG G2 in hand and has some surprises in terms of the arrangement of the keys during the operation. In combination with the very good hardware and the 13 megapixel camera that is equipped with an optical image stabilizer, the LG G2 could become a real Smartphone tip. We’ve looked at once more the Snapdragon 800 Smartphone with Android 4.2.2 and show you whether the Smartphone with a non-binding price recommendation advance can meet the many praise.


Design and hardware

the narrow framework of left and right of the display, and at the upper edge is particularly good on the LG G2. Despite the really appealing enclosure only 8, 9 mm thickness with only 143 g weight, holds that 800 Smartphone hardware, which itself is almost the HTC one already old Snapdragon look like – but only in terms of hardware, because the plastic housing of the LG G2 is otherwise no design awards win. At least the buttons to be taken exclusively on the back with one hand operation and the volume rocker are innovative and less fiddly than laterally arranged buttons.


now to the hardware: the display with a Diaginale of 5.2 ″ (1920 × 1080) display with IPS technology is obvious in full HD. The integrated Snapdragon chipset 800 is fast, very fast. 4 x 2.26 GHz, the LG G2 with other smartphones with this chipset will once again set standards in terms of speed. Make sure also the built-in 2 gb memory, which are now already standard. He either 16 gb or 32 gb internal memory cannot be expanded. Camera technical LG promises a high quality 13 megapixel camera with an optical image stabilizer that should convince even in full-HD video recordings with very good sound. LTE, Wi-Fi, HSPA +, A-GPS and Bluetooth are of course also with. Even the new mobile communications standard LTE-A theoretically can be used with the LG G2, but in Germany currently not yet available (also our article: what is LTE-A?) Up is positive: the 3000 mAh battery is really large. As the device suggests in everyday life, tests to prove but only – the technical prerequisites are certainly good.

Software gimmicks in Android 4.2.2.

Covers the installed LG Android 4.2.2 as usual with its surface of Optimus UI, which in particular with the LG G2 some comfort features brings. Here LG has want to trim probably a slice from the Samsung Galaxy S4 itself, which has kicked off a trend of manufacturers, to integrate more comfort features, which should lift the Smartphone from other manufacturers in Android. Simple but quite clever changes are above all in everyday life. As the Smartphone can be easily via a double tap on the screen to wake up or bring into the standby mode.

Still practical function of the LG G2 is the intelligent calendar and notes. So the button can be on signing of the text “ text link ” call, with which you can quickly create appointments or viewing a location in Google maps. This worked really well in initial tests and can be a really useful function in everyday life. The camera is equipped with extremely many features: the Smartphone offers many scene modes and creative modes that positively differentiate themselves monotony of the Smartphone camera.

Availability and price

, You could almost say, LG has combined the best features of the competition with the G2 and can convince with sheer hardware power, but also with software features and facilities. For €599 the technically interesting LG G2 should be end of August available in the colors black and white.

Avoid – if the deadline is met – a real lead over its competitors, which allows their Snapdragon only wants to bring 800 smartphones in September on the market. If you want to be informed, as soon as the LG G2 is available, simply click on the product page of the Android smartphones and there “ notification when available ”. After entering your email address you receive free of charge and without obligation from us an E-Mail, if the LG G2 with us at the bridgat shop is available.