LG G2 vs HTC One Max Specs

The HTC one is considered the best Android smartphones on the market at all just one. In addition to his performance on par with the top selling Samsung Galaxy S4, it offers an outstanding processing quality. LG had so far little to oppose the HTC one, only the LG Optimus can keep up with hardware G Pro – with his giant 5.5 ″ display it but attracts a different clientele. This may change with the LG G2. With the LG G2, LG reduces not only its top smartphones to the additional “ Optimus ”, but also a new path takes in a top smartphones, which looks more promising: LG relies not only on top hardware for the G2, but dares some innovations in the design. Is also used increasingly to innovative features in the Android interface. The HTC one opposes its flawless body these properties first and foremost: with much metal and chic unibody design sets the Android Smartphone are still standards and also the ultra pixel camera, as well as the Android interface sense speak for the HTC one.

Design and processing
Of course, In terms of design, currently no Smartphone beats the HTC one – only the Sony Xperia Z comes with lots of glass and aluminium close approach to the design of the HTC one. The flawless design, the HTC boom sound stereo speakers on the front and a selection of high-quality materials speak for the HTC one. However, also the LG G2 can do little, all the Smartphone must be beaten but not.

Because the LG G2 has only a plastic casing, but the processing must not hide. Especially the very narrow frame around the display in the LG G2 in the eye comes to – for me a huge advantage. Because even though the display with 5.2 ″ is significantly greater than the HTC one, the mass are almost identical (about 1mm wide, less than 3mm higher and with 0, 4mm thin). In addition, LG with the G2 in terms of volume rocker and on and off button goes a unusual way. The buttons are placed on the rear side of the housing and can be operated at any time with one hand.

Hardware and equipment

In terms of hardware and equipment, both smartphones give no nakedness. The HTC one is with a 4.7 ″ display with full HD, one of the pioneers of really high resolution smartphones. The integrated Snapdragon 600 with 4 x 1.7 GHz clock rate has led to long even the benchmark charts and is still among the best what you can have in a Smartphone. Also 2 gb memory are still “ state-of-the-art ”. You 32 gb internal memory of HTC are but non-expandable with micro SD card. LTE and the much-quoted ultra pixel camera round an appealing hardware package that that must not hide from the LG G2.

In the display the LG G2 is neck and neck, even if of with 5.2 ″ (1920 × 1080 pixels) is slightly larger. Hardware the LG G2 but is ahead of a generation (15-20% more performance) with a Snapdragon 800, which already provides in the Sony Xperia Z for new benchmark ultra records. Also failed the clocking 2 x 2.26 GHz also still times significantly higher. The 2 gb memory are the same size, more makes little sense.

At the store, LG has added internal 32 gb, but also a Microsd slot for expansion. The 13 megapixel camera might capture more details than the 4 mega pixels ultra pixel camera the HTC one, if can keep the camera in lowlight situations, must however show up: the preconditions are in place anyway, because LG bought an optical image stabilizer the G2.

In terms of hardware the HTC one has beaten for once. The LG G2 belongs to the next generation of smartphones, has a larger display, a faster processor, expandable memory and a probably stronger camera with almost identical case size. Defence it must be said however: the LG G2 is a next generation of hardware and until the end of August, the HTC one is already a few months on the market.

Software features: HTC sense vs. LG UI

The Android interface of the HTC one is the HTC sense UI, which in my opinion is among the most sophisticated and beautiful interfaces for Android. HTC Android also supplemented with some nice features.

HTC Blinkfeed for example is a newsreader, which gathers content from social networks and news feeds. The creative photo app HTC Zoe is also a possibility to hold photo moments with video support even more intensively than with simple snapshots.

LG has some sophisticated capabilities built in, which changed the everyday use of the Smartphone. Tapping the screen of LG G2, for example, two times, it wakes up from standby.

A smart copy & paste was also integrated function, which is content very quickly classify in appropriate apps leave (E.g. mark an appointment which is entered directly in the date format in the calendar on the right date).

Bottom line: LG G2 beats HTC one in comparison

If it were just the design, then the HTC one would determine the winner of the comparison. But the LG G2 is the more attractive overall package significantly larger display at (almost) same housing size and the innovative feature of the software with its hardware.

Technical performance differences be will be barely noticeable in everyday life, but the innovative ideas that stuck in the G2 LG dn buttons on the back and the nice software gimmicks noticeably enhance the operation in everyday life.

Also the LG G2 thanks to its favourable introduction price of about €500 in late August is even a direct competitor of HTC one, which costs still over 500,-€.

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