LG GW620: Smartphone with QWERTY keyboard and Android

The mobile phone operating system Google Android enjoys increasing popularity with mobile phone manufacturers. While a flood of new models has not occurred, but new models, all of which exude a certain charm appear constantly. So now LG has taken the plan to release a Smartphone with Android: the LG GW620. With the built-in QWERTY keyboard, the Smartphone can delight many users. Especially smartphones with QWERTY keyboard are currently in Germany not to have.

Unusual optics

In addition to the brushed aluminum in addition to the 3 ″ touch screen with a resolution of 320 × 480 pixels is first and foremost the keyboard of the LG GW620 in the eye. With an unusual shade of blue, a strong accent is used here. This is however not the only unusual thing about the QWERTY keyboard: it also the fifth button to set up stands out, which is covered with digits. Again, this is rather ungewönlich. Overall, the keyboard also for the size of a Smartphone seems to be very comfortable. Even for grey marked arrow keys, space was found. Overall the LG GW620 looks but rather clunky, which is usually a problem with Smartphones with retractable keyboard. Only the Motorola milestone (available from December 2009) convinced in this discipline fully.

Technical equipment: typical Smartphone

Can smartphones what’s best? Right: everything! There, also the LG GW620 is no exception. Although LG was been quite silent with regard to technical specifications, quite a bit of information is leaked. So is already almost certain that a 5-megapixel camera is located in the Smartphone and of course all data link standards of Wi-Fi, HSDPA and A-GPS. Highlight: In the LG GW620 is probably a huge 1500 mAh battery to be installed. That should do it for a few hours of conversation! Unfortunately, the LG GW620, the store is not so well equipped: only 162 mb are available to users, but can be expanded to happiness by using micro SD cards. A 3, 5 mm jack connector is included for digital music. Plugged with headphones also include FM radio can be with the LG GW620 hear.

Google Android times differently: LG shows how

If Twitter, Facebook and other social networks you are a term, then continue reading quietly. The LG GW620 is expected become a special treat for users of these portals. LG has promised here to make the integration of social services through changes to the operating system as perfect and easier to use (without additional apps). For example which is so “ SMS Manager ” an input not only for normal short messages, but can contain messages and updates from social networks.

Availability and price

, The LG GW620 is expected mid-November in Germany. At this point I would recommend usually alternative, but it does not exist at the time, if it matters to you just on the QWERTY keyboard in combination with Google Android. So far, only the Motorola milestone is equipped. This smartphone is much slimmer than the LG GW620 and should be available in December in Germany. The price of the LG GW620, nothing is known so far. Only the price will be announced with publication of the Smartphone. Below the video, you can see at least a first moving pictures of the LG GW620.