LG KM900 arena – great service but bad battery

Since the beginning of April, LG has brought the KM900 arena as a competitor to the Appel iPhone on the market. The LG arena is equipped with a new interface developed by LG, the “ S-class ”. This is designed for touch screen phones. The surface consists of four star screens, which can be displayed by pressing the menu button as a cube. the standby mode provides widgets such as the clock and an input bar for messages. The Bedienelemt for the FM radio looks like an old radio.
The condition of the touch screen phones is quite accurate.

, The sound quality is very good. The games, which are controlled by motion sensor are great. A real highlight is the built-in 5 megapixel camera with a lens from Schneider Kreuznach, shooting very bright and also sharp photos. The small Flash next to the lens brings good results. Also the video quality convinces.

The LG arena has a built-in GPS receiver, but only Google maps is played on its use. As a result of the LG of’s own operating system, it will be unlikely that other navigation software will be available.

, The phone is slightly smaller than the iPhone but with 105 grams also somewhat easier. A weakness is the battery life. The call quality is only 3, 8 h according to the manufacturer. In practice, it is usually so even something less. However, this is no better on the iPhone and most other mobile phones with touch screen.

There is still the large internal memory with 8 GB

to mention! Of which at least 7.2 GB are the users for music and other media files available.

We find the LG touch screen phone really well and can recommend it for private use with a focus on photography, music and Internet. The price is (at least now) also fair.