LG new chocolate BL20 and BL40: news from the chocolate factory

Very erforgreiche chocolate series will increase. And not only that, the series is experiencing a real treatment, with the LG will also realize new accents – that is not only with the name of “ new chocolate ” clear the devices BL20 and BL40. LG is breaking new ground with the design …. We were allowed to look at the equipment on the IFA in Berlin us and bring first impressions.
LG BL40-the Smartphone in candy bar format
We are experiencing in recent years more and more the trend that televisions and laptops becoming more and more approaching the cinema format, what goes on the screen ratio. That has prevailed even when cell phones already more or less, although of course the demand is not so huge. Because not many seriously look at movies on a mobile phone.
That could now possibly have an end. With the cinema adapted screen format presents LG with the BL40 a phone that almost matches the format of a candy bar (21:9). We had the LG BL40 in hand and one can really say that the image of the small new chocolate is a true colors with the resolution 800 × 345 pixels.

Something confusing the number of icons appears at first glance. Thanks to the parent display according to different categories the overview is maintained. You get out certainly which means every einzlne symbol with the time. Operation is one of the special features of the phones above all of the dual-screen. Thanks to the wide format, you can work at the same time here with multiple Windows and push them along. With on board is of course a camera (5 megapixel), HSDPA, Wi-Fi and A-GPS. Thus the unusual mobile phone is not only top movies look, but also for multimedia. It is positive to mention, even, that the LG new chocolate BL40 with the integrated ARM processor runs very fluid (below in the video to see!).
You can leave without any obligation to notify in the Handyshop by bridgat.com once the cell phone is available.

LG new chocolate BL20 – less chocolate bar to eat anyway

In addition to the top model, there is a very much lasting back model from LG, which goes by the name new chocolate BL20. In contrast, the phone comes to the BL40 but in “ normal ” format therefore. This phone is equipped also with the S-CLASS UI by LG, as well as BL40’s big brother. Although it also to the “ new chocolate ” series belongs, there are more familiar than new.
The display of the BL20 is dissolved with 320 × 240 pixels. Pushing the menu button the display upwards, comes in a number field to the Vorschein.Insgesamt shines the chocolate BL20 but rather with an eye-catching design as with particularly complex technology (after all, a 5 megapixel camera with LED light is integrated).