LG Optimus Black – Smartphone flask with a super display

LG Optimus Black P970 not part with the Smartphones, which currently boast a State-of-the-art hardware. It has a dual-core processor as the LG Optimus speed and no giant display, such as for example the HTC desire HD. Also, the resolution may not keep a an an iPhone 4 retina display. About the LG Optimus report back P970 why so? It’s simple: The LG Smartphone has a very bright IPS display and is even thinner than the iPhone 4 (9, 3 mm) with only 9, thickness 2 mm (only 6 mm at the edge). In addition, the LG Optimus Black is a true design piece and weighs only fabulous 109 g.

Design and processing

The LG Optimus Black

replaces the iPhone 4 as the thinnest full fledged Smartphone with touch screen. While moving an undercut only in the context of 0. 1 mm, but the magical mark of 9, 3mm was cracked. That which is already very slim LG Optimus Black and measures only 6 mm at the edge, the Smartphone is very classy. The shape and choice of material reminiscent of the iPhone 4: the rounded edges and the front of the glass give the phone a high-quality appearance. At the bottom of the very typical for Android smartphones sensor buttons are placed.


NOVA LCD: 50% less consumption than an AMOLED display

so far is the AMOLED technology in the field of smartphones for the best on the market available. Apple has assembled while in the iPhone 4 with the retina an also strong display display, comes with but according to many experts do not quite match the AMOLED. Above all, the Super AMOLED technology delivers real black with a low fuel consumption and high contrast. However, the colors are unnatural to many users and extremely, in addition the appearance is white not always good and when exposed to sunlight also super-AMOLED displays are still not so good to read such as LCDs. The LG Optimus Black is a 4 ″ mounted display with a resolution of 800 × 480 pixels. LG promises about 50% less consumption than a comparable AMOLED display during normal operation display (also an IPS LCD) now with this so called NOVA. The savings should be a comparison of the maximum power of loss (when a completely white screen) even at 100%. Although this value relativizes itself a bit as Super-AMOLED displays in about 20% consume less than the previous generation, but still are wonderful values that look really can be. Also, the NOVA display currently surpasses the luminosity of all other smartphones: whopping 700 nit has the LG Optimus Black, and a super AMOLED display while, for example, the iPhone 4 about 520 nit about 350 nit. Network World in a test already analyzing noted that although brighter light display NOVA than any other, but the color representation at the Super AMOLED is strong.


Hardware and equipment

despite the really narrow dimensions can score the LG Optimus Black with hardware, which belongs to the absolute high-end segment. In addition to the 4 ″ large display can the Cortex A8 can be absolutely see processor with a gigahertz and the famously high-performance graphics unit Adreno 205 and is likely to be consistently more than sufficient even in 2011. In addition to the usual facilities with Wi-Fi, HSPA, A-GPS and Bluetooth, there are still some allowances which do not fall within the scope of the obvious at the LG Optimus Black. On the one hand, there is a 2 megapixel front-facing camera, which might be useful for video telephony. Also, the standard WiFi direct is integrated, which should be an advantage if you want to transfer large data over short distances. Despite the slim housing a 1500mAh is installed battery, which should make for a good time. Further details are not yet known, we will continue to report!

Availability and price

For €500, the good piece over the counter you want to like – an appropriate price given the fact that here is the slimmest Smartphone that can boast a hardware and facilities, the iPhone 4 is equal. Visually the LG Optimus Black makes her a lot and also many women might like it very well thanks to the design first and foremost. Also the low weight of just 109 g contributes to this. LG software with Android 2.2 should also still (to the market launch an update to follow directly on Android 2.3) succeed, awaits us with this smartphone a real highlight. That appear to LG Optimus Black in the first half of 2011 at the mentioned price.