LG Optimus G Pro – the Samsung Galaxy touch alternative

Samsung has with the Galaxy note a new device category introduced the so-called Phablets (smartphones starting about 5 ″ display diagonal). The oversized Smartphone or small tablets are now so established that almost every manufacturer has a counterpart in the offer. Also LG is now broken with its LG Optimus G Pro in this device class. The phone looks like a Samsung Galaxy S4 and has technically to offer.


With 5.5 ″ really big troubled Smartphone is the successor of the LG Optimus G with a 4.7 ″ display is still slightly smaller fall. At this point, to be mentioned but that even the predecessor is technically still very potent and maybe even interesting thanks to the slightly more pocket-friendly display diagonal for many especially the Smartphone in the bridgat to have shop for under 400,-€ (LG Optimus G in the bridgat shop). But now to the LG Optimus G Pro, that certainly seems one step ahead in some categories of the current Phablet competition, because the next generation of Phablets – one of the even the LG Optimus G Pro – comes with full HD display and a lot of computing power.


What is the LG Optimus G Pro interesting compared to other Phablets?

To answer this question, you can ask is actually the question: what is the next generation of smartphones so interesting? Quite clear: In contrast to the last generation (E.g. Samsung Galaxy touch 2) is the display in full HD, what definitely makes a difference when such large display sizes. Thus the Phablets to the now not so much smaller full-HD displays of high-end smartphones catch up, which now typically have these wasteful high resolution (E.g. HTC one, Sony Xperia Z or Samsung Galaxy S4). Also performance for the next generation of Phablets is considerably better of course, whereby here the next generation the Sony Xperia Z ultra HTC One Max and the Samsung Galaxy touch 3 performance-technically a bit further again are compared to the LG Optimus G Pro. When these smartphones, expected to have the Snapdragon 800 is stuck still the Snapdragon 600, which makes a preferential job E.g. also in the HTC one is the LG Phablet. But: This makes the LG Optimus G Pro so interesting. Because: In comparison to the competition the Phablet supposed to end of July, all other new Phablets only against September. Until then the LG should stand G Pro with very strong processor and full-HD display in this class quite alone.

Also the LG Optimus has to offer some details G Pro, that the Android Smartphone pleasantly stand out from the competition: for me the special highlights the very narrow part of the display, which is only about half as wide as the Samsung Galaxy touch 2. Also, the LG Optimus G Pro has built a very strong battery, which makes the Smartphone to a real endurance. Even the Samsung Galaxy better than average section note 2 in tests and a complete weekend perseveres under good conditions ever, which is absolutely unusual for smartphones.

The battery of the LG Optimus G Pro is a real Brummer with 3140 mAh and the Smartphone lasts very well despite the strong hardware. For many no doubt a point: the battery is exchangeable, whatever happened to also almost a unique selling proposition.

Design and processing

, The LG Optimus G Pro is not a design highlight. LG has focuses pretty heavily note 2 Optimus G Pro to the popular Samsung Galaxy, so that their aluminum in vain. But that’s not bad, because in the Phablet area is probably due to the weight to find not a single unit with aluminium. An exception is against September may be a HTC one Max on the market come with (we reported).


The narrow part of the display I had mentioned above, as well the replaceable battery. Otherwise, there are only a few surprises. Beautiful, the home button has been definitely, at the same time acting as the LED signal lights. The LG Optimus G Pro fits well in the hand and is just a great Smartphone … the user by the way when Optimus G Pro unlike the Samsung note series without pin undermanned. Whether that is a shortcoming, I can tell hard, I believe a pin operation is common in everyday life but rather little.

With weight 172 g the LG Smartphone is quite easy considering its size, what the “ overall ” plastic look is thanks to.

Hardware and equipment

Displaytechnisch one may say that the LG Optimus sets new standards G Pro, at least in the area of Phablets. The full-HD resolution (1920 × 1080) provides to 5.5 ″ diagonal out really well and makes for a very sharp display (400 DPI). Also the color and contrast of the display come over very well, only the viewing angle stability could be slightly better, but that’s really bitching at very high levels.

In Phablets do expect generally very much, what’s the hardware. The large Smartphone aimed generally at frequent users and friends of high-end hardware, so that’s again blocks rather than spill G Pro is also at the LG Optimus. Just the early release date late July makes the Phablet so interesting. Working inside a Snapdragon 600, which currently probably the fastest available smartphone chipset, the first to fall by the Snaodragon 800 will be replaced and is clocked with rich 4 x 1.7 GHz. There are whopping 2 gb in memory. The 16 gb internal memory can be expanded via Microsd card.

The fast mobile communications standard LTE and the NFC short-range radio are now

almost standard in this performance class. That are Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi and A-GPS, is a matter of course. the 13 megapixel camera back is supported by a photo-LED, not heard but probably the best smartphone cameras. Should be enough but always for good snapshots.

Software: Android 4.1.2 with LG user interface

On the LG Optimus runs Android 4.1.2 G Pro – information about updates are not yet known. About the Android operating system, yet the known was from LG “ Optimus UI ” created, which sometimes unusual changes to the operating system makes that even unconventional work compared to the competition from Samsung or HTC. So, for example a new animation was missed the LockScreen completely stands out from the competition. Also many applications by LG are preinstalled, which perhaps could disturb one or the other.

Availability, price and alternatives

If the LG Optimus G Pro in the still end of July on the market comes, it’s once unrivalled for the Snapdragon 600 with strong quad-core, the full HD display and the large battery are chipset – at least up to the next generation of Phablets – unbeaten run well. If you currently want a full-HD display in this size, will pass barely on the LG Optimus G Pro. Only the LG surface Android seems a possible point of criticism to be – the animations and the look are probably not for everyone.

Who needs no full-HD, is also wonderfully served by the last generation of the Phablets. The Samsung Galaxy touch 2 or the (much smaller!) LG Optimus are today still very fast and universally applicable G – they are also significantly cheaper than the LG Optimus G Pro. Who wants to spend little and still want a full-HD display, which should be the Zopo ZP980 C2 look at – here the demands on the processing quality should be not too high set but.

Announced the LG Optimus G Pro for end of July 2013. The price is €599 (EIA) is located, the actual selling price will be something including a rule. We recommend just to take a LTE rate also to take advantage of the fast Internet at this Phablet. If you want to be informed, as soon as the Smartphone in the bridgat shop is available, simply click on the article page of the LG Optimus G Pro and there “ notification when available ”. You will receive after registration your email address automatically an email, as soon as we have the Smartphone!