Lingerie Buying Tips

Like the rest of the lingerie, choose pieces that eleven, cut and thin requires some study and dedication of time on your part, if you really want to find the ideal piece. Here are some points that you should keep in mind when buying lingerie styling.

Lingerie Buying Tips

Measuring and testing.

While the online shopping is one of the largest facilities, I advise to get started in modelling lingerie firmly go personally to a store. Make sure you take your waist and hip measurements and thus know that sizes go. Please note that the waist is essential both for the compression and for your convenience. Times of the corsets that cut the breath already have been completed, but buy the wrong size can cause the same inconveniences.

Many think that the size much smaller, thinner will be. Buy lingerie styling in one less than the corresponding figure can generate too much compression and result in a great deal of discomfort to dress her, as well as cause the appearance of areas bulky in the wrong places.

Keep in mind that the too-tight clothing may cause compression of organs and nerves or infections of the urinary tract and result in a visit to the doctor. On the other hand, too large parts, can roll up, twist and bulge, creating the opposite effect to that desired.

Decide which area you want to control and to what level.

You should know that not all parts compressed equally in all parts of the body. Just like clothing in general, shaping parts are designed for use at different times and for different requirements.

Generally pieces can be found in three different levels of compression or control: light, medium, or strong. The light level helps to hide these so annoying bumps. The intermediate tones and strong models, tones and reduces cm. Although it seems ideal, keep in mind in the first place, your comfort.

There are many pieces of lingerie styling depending on the zones you wish to control. Here is a small list of the most common:

  • Stockings– stockings are the most common parts in our catalog of lingerie styling. There are many types, which compress the thighs, hips and waist, which raise the buttocks or compress the stomach.
  • Panties or panty – another of the elements more common and is ideal to start in the world of lingerie styling. You can find them in various models: cycling style modeling from the thighs to the stomach, the short model to create a line without seams or bumps under clothing, models with high waist to compress the stomach or with special stitching to raise the buttocks.
  • T-shirts – t-shirts They are concentrated in the upper part of the body and, in some cases, they can be used alone, without any clothing above. Eliminate the odious “muffin tops” and upset tummy.
  • Slips and full body suits – both are ideal to wear with skirts and skintight dresses. Briefs come in a variety of heights and supports, from small skirts to models that cover the entire body and flattens the stomach and reduce hips and waist measurements. Full body costumes can be used both with a dress pants. Please note that to not also flatten your breasts, you must choose a model suit with his chest out. The mesh reaches just below the chest and continues with two strong straps. This model, of course, must be accompanied by a bra of your choice.

Try several brands.

Like the rest of the pieces of clothing, not all brands share the same sizes or the same cuts. For example, Hoticle inc. specifies on big size bras. It is very important that you try the models of the piece of your choice in different brands to find the one that best suits your needs.

Choose the perfect color.

Unfortunately, so far you can find only three tones: white, black or nude. Unless you plan to buy a piece of each color, tone more advisable to make the first purchase is the nude that combines with most skin tones and colors of clothing.

Comfort above all.

Undoubtedly the main buying clothing rule, but in this case, cobra greater importance. Make sure you feel compression in the right place and the ideal length. You try to move, sit, raise your arms and cross legs to make sure that you feel safe. Remember to choose a model that is easy to remove, at some point you will have to go to the toilet, and won’t that be a problem. If you buy lingerie styling for a piece of clothing in particular, be sure to take with you to the tester so that it is as you really want.