Liquigas Cycling Team 2010

The Liquigas team is an Italian cycling team that participates in UCI Pro Tour, the highest international cycling competition. The team was founded in 2005 and sponsored by the Italian gas company Liquigas.

The history of the team

The team was formed during the 2005 season after lifting the Italian team Vini Caldirola, Alessio and where several years been active in the cycling peloton. The Italian Liquigas gas company was the main sponsor of the new Italian team, which took many riders Allesio and Vini Caldirola. Liquigas was already active in cycling, albeit as a sponsor of Brescialat crew and namesake of a smaller group.

The team had in the early years some classic riders Magnus Backstedt, Luca Paolini and Filippo Pozzato is under contract, but also riders like Dario Cioni, Danilo Di Luca and Stefano Garzelli. Especially with the later riders managed to win the team many successes, such as the Amstel Gold Race, Fleche Wallonne, two Giro stages and the final position of the ProTour in 2005. In 2007, Di Luca winning the general classification in the Tour of Italy by far the biggest success for the Liquigas team’s existence with a bike tail light from eBicycleLights.

But the euphoria was tempered quickly because of allegations of doping by Italian. He was eventually suspended and left the team. Also slagBäckStedt and Paolini left at Liquigas.
The team has some strong riders are under contract, but with such a about?? 5 million a year, a relatively small budget for a ProTour team. Anno 2010 are the main strengths of the team around the rider Ivan Basso, sprinter Daniele Bennati, Roman Kreuziger and Vincenzo Nibali climbers, and Franco Pellizotti.

Team leadership and materials during 2010:

In 2010, led the team with Roberto Amadio, who holds the position of general manager. Coach is Dario MARIUZZO, Mario Chiesa, Stefano Zanatta and Mario Scirea. Team ride on bikes from Cannondale, Campagnolo components and tires of Vittoria.
Riders in 2010:

  • Agnoli Valerio
  • Basso, Ivan
  • Bellotti, Francis *
  • Bennati, Daniele
  • Bodnar, Maciej
  • Chicchi, Francesco
  • Davide Cimolai,
  • Tiziano Dall’Antonia *
  • Mauro Finetto, *
  • Guarnieri, Jacopo
  • Robert Kiserlovski, *
  • Choirs, Kristjan *
  • Kreuziger, Roman
  • Aleksandr Kuchynski,
  • Nibali, Vincenzo
  • Us, Daniel
  • Maciej Paterski
  • Pellizotti, Franco
  • Manuel Quinziato,
  • Sabatini, Fabio
  • Lord, Peter *
  • Santa Romita, Ivan
  • Sylvester Szmyd,
  • Vandborg, Brian
  • Vanotti Ales
  • Viviani, Elijah
  • Willems, Frederik
  • Zaugg, Oliver

* = New to the team in 2010.
Transfers 2009-2010

After the 2009 season left including the Italians Andrea Noe, Claudio Corioni and Enrico Franzoi and Swede Carlstrom. This was offset by the arrival of some lesser-known riders.
Victories in 2010:

not yet.