Luxury Handbags Trend

What are the trends in handbags for 2016 and do I need a luxury handbags as fashion, the well-known labels such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Prada, YSL or must you also still choose a ‘normal’ handbags? Next to my big preference for special designer shoes with red sole, more handbags and handbags trends for me are important. A woman is perfectly dressed with a beautiful handbag and can make elegant look a basic styling. The handbag as a piece of it in the closet – I can me get used to… ūüôā

Luxury handbags trend – the handbags for spring / summer 2016

Sometimes one wonders how hard a handbag can be and how many things you take with it, because they fit into the bag itself. I bet with you that many women could cater for more than just themselves with their handbags. Some carry up to ten loose lipsticks around multiple tissue packs, many different pens and Stickies, scrunchies and more similar. Yes everything you could need… ūüėČ

That my focus and my preference rather in Designer high heels than in designer bags, should be noticed already. However I’m considering an expensive luxury at the moment to buy designer handbags. But honestly, I wonder whether I will see on the bag to quickly get enough? In some circles it is definitely handbag defined about a designer and misjudged. Maybe you can me the question answer ‘I need an expensive designer handbag?’.

At the moment I tend to a classic as a handbag. Whether it however the Classic 2.55 chanel handbag for approximately EUR 4,000 must be? May be the case at all with silver or rather in gold? I would be for vintage and would take gold then too? So slowly I friends me also with Louis Vuitton… but I think that the classic Brown is so not my color. Then perhaps paint? I like the Louis Vuitton Alma PM in paint with the typical logo… it must be yet the classic Brown? Are these bags now status symbols or heirlooms, an investment or a touch of “Grandma”?

Luxury handbags trend – spring / summer 2016

1 VALENTINO shoulder bag lock small leather – light pink
2 REBECCA MINKOFF Mini Mac – genuine leather white
3 VALENTINO shoulder bag lock small leather – pastel blue
4. KARL LAGERFELD handbag – misty rose
5 Coccinelle MARGO – shoulder bag – candy rose
6 SAINT LAURENT Clutch classic monograms leather – pink
FURLA magnolia METROPOLIS – shoulder bag – 7
8 MICHAEL Michael Kors JET SET TRAVEL – bag – ballet
GUCCI SOHO Hobo camellia large shoulder bag leather tote – 9

PANTONE colour “Marsala” has for the summer 2016 after the winter (dark, deep red) now the pastels “Rose Quartz” (warm, bright pink) and “Serenity” (gentle light blue) appointed to the trend colours. Best the pastels should go even into each other and thus for the mingling of the sexes. So far no ombre pockets are noticed, but some bags in pastel. The designers are already quickly switched to the trendy colours and I suspect that we will see more pastel as last year this summer. Good to know, that I with my light blue fringe handbag was trendy in the winter.

Luxury handbags classic – shopping inspiration

1 GIVENCHY Antigona medium black goat leather bag
2 TORY BURCH bag ITEM – black
3 SAINT LAURENT monograms SAC Université shoulder bag leather Рblack
4 lion Flamenco knot small shoulder bag – black
5 GUCCI Padlock shoulder bags made of coated canvas and leather – Black/Brown
6 MOSCHINO bag bag from printed shell with faux leather trim – black
7 CHLO√Č shoulder bag drew small leather – black
8 Lulu Guinness LIPS – Clutch – black
9 Gucci Dionysus shoulder bag made of coated canvas and leather – Black/Brown

By classic or stylish and striking everything the heart desires is the black designer handbags. Small evening bags, practical bags and classic everyday bags. Personally, I think really especially number 4 by Lion. Since I myself at LOEWE in Madrid at a guided shopping tour could look in peace, I am puzzled that the handbags with the wonderful leather we are barely visible.

Conclusion – Luxury handbags 2016

Every woman can decide for yourself how important is your a designer handbag. For some, it is the famous Chanel bag be, for others a good value for money in handbags. I understand both points of view and see it any similar like in my shoes – it must be with yourself. Although I have not further come with my personal handbags question, but I’ll announce certainly my further reflections in one of my week in review.

The perfect handbag I’ve been thoughts already in the last year. I would like what is your dream handbag and how important is you a designer handbag…