Luxury Wedding Gift Fair

From 11 to 13 February will take place in Moscow the magical exhibition dedicated to everything that revolves around the wedding: The Wedding & Luxury Gift Fair 2011. The fair, to be held in the Russian capital, will bring together into a single event the beauty of high fashion, jewelry, gift shop, car rental, flowers and everything that can be desired by a couple that is getting married. Unlike many other events that cater to a clientele that is more heterogeneous, this exhibition is aimed primarily at those of elite; the Russia is a country that is strongly increasing the number of wealthy individuals and the luxury it’s their tradition.

The event will take place in February, from 11 to 13, in a 5 star hotel, Lotte Hotel Moscow, located close to the famous and evocative red square. During the event you can see and wear beautiful dresses, get make up for free make up experts who advise the right makeup for the most important day of your life.Also you can rent a car for your wedding day and design your own honeymoon.
You can marvel at the fair, an entire section devoted to engagement rings .

Diamond will be invaluable as The Perfect Pink, beautiful 14.23 Carat Pink Diamond recently sold at auction in Hong Kong.
I’m sure anyone would be amazed by the pageantry on this fair where every dream, and in the case of a marriage is an appropriate term, can be fulfilled, like a fairy tale. Obviously though you need large amounts of capital in order to be able to buy a dress or jewelry.
In case you don’t have a portfolio similar to that of the future husband of Naomi Campbell, the Russian Tycoon Vladimir Doronin, we still recommend to visit this fair. You can combine a visit to this great event with a little trip, maybe a weekend, to enjoy the sights of Moscow.