Matching Jewelery

On the streets of fashionable cities like New York or Paris, we always see new street styles – today I would like to introduce you to the grunge style and show you how to combine these with the matching accessories and jewelery.

What is Grunge Style?

The term “grunge” is strongly based on a musical direction at the time of Nirvanas.Therefore, grunge is not only a moderation but has developed from a musical direction.The grunge style experienced especially in the 90’s its flowering and characterized by its dingy look.Torn jeans and flannel shirts are the epitome of grunge.

How do I style in grunge style?

You still have t-shirts and dingy jeans?Do not throw them into the dustbin;) Because with such pieces you can create your very own grunge look.With grunge it is not about being finely styled, but about a “I do not care” setting.Comfortable and too wide clothes are no problem with this street style.These include worn-out and torn jeans – the must-have with the grunge is a flannel shirt.Also pantyhose with holes are perfect for that.Over a casual leather jacket and finished is your grunge look!

The matching accessories for the grunge style

With the right accessories you can still perfect your grunge style.Especially cool sunglasses give the look that certain something.You can also wear large towels – with fringes.Beanie caps are also great to hide your ruffled mane.With grunge it is not a question of creating an impression with your clothes.

Jewelry for the grunge style

In terms of jewelry, you can enjoy the grunge look.It does not have to match and Euchb is no matter what other of you think.Leather bracelets or jewelery with rivets are gladly worn.Even used-look jewelery such as oxidized silver can be combined wonderfully.But also many simple chains – all together.Combines the jewelry as you are funny – the main thing you like the look.