Maternity Gifts

What little is left so that it is Christmas and for 2016, a year in which many of you sure that you are going to be moms, like me. Some it will be for the first time (what a thrill!) and others already know what that means: tiredness, mimes and muuucho to think about.

The case is that, as I go back to being a happy chubby – forgive the fussiness, but is that my pregnancy is the ideal state – the other day I was thinking of things that could be useful in this Christmas. Sure that many people have asked you what you want for Reyes, Santa Claus or for the invisible friend, and surely many you’ve been blank without knowing very well ask because not everything that now give you will be in a few months so maybe they are useful towards your future maternity gifts as described in pregnancy items.

And everything, everything that I am going to recommend, I have tried it, so I know good ink that are comfortable, useful things, and making great enthusiasm. So this post is not only aimed at pregnant women. Also their husbands, sisters, girlfriends, mothers… sure that you is good to have a list of things that will come well moms. You acertaréis safe.

So I’ve prepared a selection of things that make entrepreneurs marks carefully. And is that this Christmas, as it does for several years, I have opted to buy gifts to entrepreneurs and small businesses, which are those who are raising the country. They have imagination and that should be applauded it, bravo for them!

The first recommendation is a brand that I discovered recently and which I love. He is called Dressmadre. They are defined as follows: “he was born of the need and which I. When we were pregnant (or our partners) we discovered that there was a lack in that point, it was very difficult to find clothes for pregnant with which to feel good. Yes, there are t-shirts for pregnant women, but we wanted t-shirts for women. They are pregnant. But first, women. We say that being a mother can change you life, but not atrophy you taste. We believe, like everyone else, that a pregnancy is great news, that is a great time and that a pregnant woman is gorgeous. “But we’ve been there and we know that fashion is still interesting to a pregnant woman, intelligent life there is in the meantime dehumidifier and so much room with vinyl of dwarfs and Princesses and that at that time, a friend to give you something for you, remember you, and only you, is a detallazo”.

In this spirit, Dressmadre has come to revolutionize the market of the maternity clothes. Its design is very careful, tissues are comfortable and pleasant to the touch. There are several very cool models, but I confess that “Big” shirt should be a must in the wardrobe of any pregnant. You can see their online shop here.
And what I say supplements? It is true that necklaces, earrings and bracelets passed to a second term when you are a mother. Baby spider is, can swallow a piece and, sometimes, is recuelga. That’s why, in the end we just nothing, at least in the first months. Therefore, House of Frida thought that it is not inconsistent to be a necklace and baby to touch it without the need of being a danger for him. Alicia, the creator of these teething necklaces wondered, why not use something much more pleasant to the touch than any metal jewel? And there were born these teething necklaces. “As a sensory toy, entertains, stimulates the senses of sight and touch, arouses the curiosity of the baby, develops the ability to grab, stretch and bite. Its size is ideal for your small hand and accounts are designed to bite them they massage your gums giving you relief. Breast feeding & teething necklaces are made of silicone food, free from bpa, PVC, heavy metals, lead and it is 100% antibacterial. The natural wood beads do not contain coatings or treatments. Lace is silk and the closure is designed to open if the baby pulls it very strong. “Clean with mild soap and water, dry air quickly”.
Although its instagram there are plenty of models, ask for that mouth! It will make you that suits your taste and the tones that you like most to pregnant women. This is her facebook and this its instagram .

And, what pregnant is not thousand photos in front of a mirror? As for that are the “Milestone Pregnancy cards”. There are some cards chulisima which serve to illustrate all the moments of pregnancy. The box consists of thirty cards to immortalize su first kick, how grows the tummy, favorite toy, and up to 25 times more. You just have to fill in the date on the card and take a photo of the belly. It is very original and, if you like, then there are also cards for the baby’s growth. You can find them at Tutete.

And insurance that you are very interested in how to raise your child as a future mother. On the Tutete website you can find many recommendable books on parenting, but one of the most interesting is “Educating with a smile”, which bring the reader to a philosophy of education based on the common sense and brings the strength and energy to educate without losing patience (too).

Another gift that MOM will enjoy is one maternity photo shoot . You will not only enjoy while doing the photo shoot, but it will be something that you can enjoy life. And better, teach those photos when higher than it, you will love, little word!

These photos are from Álvaro Guerrero, a photographer of Malaga which makes photos of all kinds of events, and has special patience with pregnant women. You can see their website here .

And 2016 will be a great year, why not give an agenda? I can if not recommend of the Club of the Malamadres. That the MOM is aware of what is waiting for you and can sign everything you need for pregnancy and, later, quotes from doctors, gifts for the baby and, ultimately, lead a life ordered inside what is supposed to have a newborn, hehe.
The design, as you can see, is very cool and you can find it on their website and in many stores and online.

I hope I have helped with this wishlist, I think they are very cool gifts for any pregnant. Enough of missense anchonas shirts and gifts only for the baby. Pregnant women also exist 🙂

Be happy

Objective MOM