More than half a million SMS in one month – you believe ’ s?

As we thought but seriously, not even 5000 SMS would write anybody a month: currently an American claimed he sent around 662,258 texting with his iPhone in a month. This sounds not only incomprehensible, it’s also: it shows the invoice that the SMS crazy got his mobile service provider AT & T, on youtube. These should include allegedly approx. 12,000 pages and details lead to the half a million SMS. You can find the corresponding video of course this article.

, I must refer again at this point to our new SMS tariff of MyMTV mobile. Here you have 5000 SMS per month free available. To do so again, our small Bill:

would have our record breaker writers the MyMTV mobile used tariff, it would be SMS about the available texting whopping 657.258. We already felt it difficult or impossible to use tariff at all via the credit balance the MyMTV mobile …. So back to the Bill, we have hired. Looks the invoice for the amount of SMS, which the Americans allegedly has shipped:

my opinion it must be a fake. Or did you ever 23 SMS per minute (one every 4 seconds!) to send and that for a month? In principle, one must assume that this is either a fake, a conscious staging by SMS verse end tool or a juicy provider error. Who writes much SMS, for which the MyMTV mobile should be tariff with 5000 SMS including already more than adequate. If you should manage to write SMS with honest manual labor more than 5000 a month sign up here ;-)!