Meizu Might be the Partner of Nokia for Its Global Revival

As we have seen, Nokia has officially uncovered his cards and unveiled the plan to return in the mobile phone market soon will expire the constraints imposed by the agreement with Microsoft. However, things will be different than in the past, since the sale of Devices & Services section prevents Nokia to produce and distribute its new terminals independently and, for this reason, the company stated that it was looking for a global partner with which to accomplish all its new devices.

Obviously this statement immediately on the minds of longtime fans and insiders, all interested in finding out what will be the partner who will join Nokia in his long-awaited return.Despite Q4 2016 is not exactly around the corner, the company name choice might be unveiled sooner than you think it might be the same as the Meizu.

Clues lie in the reaction that the Chinese company had Chinese within social media, publishing since before a post by welcome back to Nokia in the mobile phone industry, followed by another teaser a lot more interesting. The first part of the teaser is about an image that has the number 716 written with what appear to be the classic characters (and display!) of an oldNokia 3310/30 and which may indicate the date of an announcement in July 2016 (7/16), while in the lower part there is an inscription in Chinese it sounds like “the era of smartphones: 1110

The alleged collaboration by Meizu and Nokia is not entirely new, since already in April there was talk of a supposed Meizu MX Supreme made in collaboration with Nokia, although the issue is then left in abeyance, probably waiting for the right time to make an announcement of an official nature. Nevertheless, the official has not yet arrived, although, as they say, two clues are evidence.