Men’s Bag and Women’s Clutch

This week the Reliquary is releasing 2 new models of handbags. For men, did a rereading of bag goon, that was very successful in the years 70 and 80. For women, a basic clutch, but full of style, for those times when taking the basics is necessary. Learn a little about these two classic models of scholarship.

Bag type henchman, a success of 70 years he came back with all

The enforcer model was the most popular type of purse in the 70 and 80. The “grandmother” of the portfolios was a model almost mandatory for every man who wore the henchman in any occasion. Ideal for carrying money, documents, keys and sunglasses, the goon was almost the only option at a time when little was admitted

Men's Bag and Women's Clutch

using other models of men’s bags.

Recently, the henchman back to your widespread use, especially in Europe. The present day require the man to carry quite a lot, and smartphones are growing, what made men’s wallets and pockets of the pants no longer have enough room for everything. For those who don’t want to carry a handbag in tow or you don’t need to use a folder, the henchman is an excellent option, very practical and stylish.

Clutch, necessary accessory in the closet of the it-girls

One of the most beloved bag models for the it-girls and fashion aficcionadas is the clutch. The model name, which comes from the English “to clutch” (grab), is self-explanatory: the clutch is nothing more than a hand bag, which allows you to take the necessary for the modern woman: cell phone, keys, money and personal documents.

Liza, the first clutch of Shrine, is a basic model and can be used at any time. Comes with a detachable strap and in various colors, from the most classic to the most cheerful. Since the unfailing black and white until the must-have green and blue station, the clutch model Liza makes up your look for you rock. And the icing on the cake is in the bag: a super soft suede and leather with a delicious texture.

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