Microsoft “ pink ” Smartphone – new rumors

In the rumor mill’s had so long been bubbling. Now there is news to report: Microsoft should have commissioned to allegedly had an advertising agency to market their first own Smartphone. Long seems to be the release so not more out.

The Microsoft Smartphone, that under the code name “ pink ” traded, is now in the marketing technical care of the advertising agency McCann have been given be. That would make the umkämpfenden Smartphonemarkt to a giant.

It seems so slow all hand and foot to get. “ pink ” to run 7 expected to with Windows Mobile, but with a totally new interface. It is believed danger that only last year, has bought a Microsoft and with Sidekick have made a name for himself phones behind the developers. Even if he has not prevailed Zune Media Player from Apple competition, he is probably adapted and otherwise it is footsteps of the Microsoft Mp3 player Zune in many areas. So, there will be a mixture of Sidekick and Zune. Because Microsoft wants as a newbie not quite the proven support of cooperation partners, sharp and Motorola should be as a manufacturer in the conversation. The “ pink ” will appear beginning of 2010 and to the Sidekick market, so the phones with side fold-out keyboard, conquer.

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