Microsoft Tablet Surface RT Review

Despite almost $5 billion profit: for Microsoft the tablet surface RT is 900 million US dollar a debacle. the American company with the in-house tablet to have burning through. In the magazine “ the verge ” Steve Ballmer, the CEO of the company, now understandably dissatisfied expressed (to the article). You have built more tablets as these had to be sold. But why is it that the Microsoft surface RT at the customer does not arrive? An attempt of explanation.

The Microsoft surface RT was Microsoft’s first attempt to establish Windows 8 tablets with an in-house hardware design. It is not in design and workmanship of the tablets, because the tablets from Microsoft are quite high quality, good touch. In addition, Windows RT runs absolutely smoothly and fun on the tablet. But: It is unfortunately “ only ” install Windows RT. The operating system is designed for typical mobile hardware, i.e. desktop utilities for Windows 8 are not compatible. This restriction had the Microsoft surface RT equal to a low level and a much worse reputation than it deserved him.

Because the net hardly bad about the surface RT reads, on the constraints, you can set up without another. The majority of the user but apparently has seen the advantage in the use of Windows 8 on a Tablet is to be able to rely on a full desktop view and waited on the more expensive Windows 8 tablet Microsoft Surface Pro with full featured Ultrabook hardware. I believe a Trugschuss: the full-featured hardware is currently only suitable for Tablet and makes for comparatively poor battery life. At the poor sales of the Microsoft surface RT, also the 30% price cut by Microsoft could change anything so far. The balancing act between desktop and mobile world is not managed so far, but do a little wrong the poor sales the actually good Microsoft surface RT, or what do you think? The Microsoft surface RT provides an alternative to the Apple iPad 4?