Microsoft Windows Mobile – operating system for Pocket PCs, smartphones, and Portable Media Center

Windows is each a term who knows what is a PC. But what is behind the operating system Windows Mobile? It can guess, that the term “ mobile ” points for use in mobile devices. Additionally, the following article will clarify what distinguishes exactly Windows Mobile and how to manage it. The basics are summarized in wikipedia so that I would like to quote it here:

Windows Mobile is a compact operating system combined with a suite of applications for mobile devices, based on the Microsoft Win32 API. Devices that use Windows Mobile, are for example, Pocket PCs, smartphones, and portable media centers. It is designed so that a similarity with the desktop versions of Windows is visible, although the different target architectures and code bases are hardly similar.

Development of the mobile operating system Windows Mobile

since the version Windows Mobile 2002 Microsoft software for Pocket PCs, smartphones, and Portable Media Center continuously further developed.

Together, all versions of the first version Windows Mobile 2002 have the basic structure up to the current version Windows Mobile 6. Much like in Windows 95 to the current Windows Vista (or most recently: Windows 7) the case, there is a task bar, time, volume, and connection status.

Mandatory accustomed from the PC home you find the Start button typical of Windows also in the Windows Mobile versions. The launch also has very similar features such as Windows, that you know from home: here the user invokes its programs or opens the most recently opened documents, etc..

Send even very basic programs to the emails, create browsing, documents and notes are included in Windows Mobile. Of course, these programs are adapted to the small screens and the limited computing power of mobile devices. Also, also the operation was adapted to the small devices.

Scope of Windows Mobile

As mentioned in the first part of the article, is Windows Mobile for use on:

some applications are already included with Windows Mobile (with reference to the latest version 6):

Note: all programmes to do 6 constraints also on Windows Mobile compared to the desktop PC version. These are more or less great: so for example that allows mobile version of PowerPoint only viewing screen presentation, but not the editing. Excel and Word come there with less restrictions and have been revised to the Windows Mobile 5 version, so that now also the new file format can be read a .docx.

Criticism of the operating system Windows Mobile

in addition to the many benefits that Windows Mobile has. Including above all comparatively simple operation with a short induction period – who has ever worked with Windows, is a little feel at home the same. However, is clear: for exceptional design with your operating system, Microsoft Windows Mobile gets no special Laurel. Others had already shown how it’s beautiful and sometimes even much more practical. To all, the iPhone has revolutionized the operating in the mobile world.

In addition, the operating system only when sufficient memory is recommended. Here is a simple rule: the more the merrier and the best 128 MB right up. Including working with Windows Mobile just isn’t fun. Often, the instability of the system was reprimanded in the past, which has led to crashes. It will continued to work, as for Windows Mobile again updates and patches are published, that should iron out these errors. Also newer smartphones and Pocket PCs also better with the system requirements cope.

Development of Windows Mobile

, Windows Mobile is evolving steadily. Currently, the version 6.1 is a further developed version of Windows Mobile 6, which is installed on various phones, such as E.g. the upcoming Toshiba TG01. This version is more visually based on Windows Vista. Technically, only little has been renewed. Some important things, like for example simplifying the Wi-Fi and email facility have been implemented yet. Windows Mobile 6.5 and 7 have been announced for the second half of 2009 and the year 2010. The version 6.5 is already fully functional.

The current version

Windows Mobile is currently (as of June 2009) offered in the version 6.1. But Microsoft has been Windows Mobile 6.5 in the wings. The version is already fully operational, would be to find so in the third quarter of 2009 the first cell phones. Some manufacturers, all Morocco HTC, offer even an update included in the acquisition of a mobile phone or a Smartphone with Windows Mobile 6.1 operating system. Here can the customer extra charge on the new operating system upgrade. As devices are to mention in particular the HTC Touch Diamond 2 and the HTC Touch Pro 2.

Alternatives to Windows Mobile or similar operating systems