Mini Smartphones from HTC, Samsung and Sony in comparison

The trend of mini smartphones seems not to tear down: they offer tend to be smaller display size in contrast to the big Phablets and are accordingly much portable. Usually, the mini smartphones are but slightly weaker in terms of hardware – understandable because it remains easy and less space for large batteries or much technology in small appliances. So small devices such as the HTC one are mini, Samsung Galaxy S4 mini and Sony Xperia Z1 mini but not at all. What one or two years ago still considered big, is today already a “ mini-Smartphone ”. It be all minis when compared with 4.3 ″ display diagonal, but technically quite different approaches offer.


Shared the mini Smartphone is quickly told: all have a 4.3 ″ display, running with the Android operating system, with each of the manufacturer’s own surface and all are not stand-alone products, but more or less derivatives their “ large high-end brothers ”. Visually they are the high-end smartphones in hardly anything, in the case of the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini is the similarity to the Samsung Galaxy S4 even really frappierend. But mini-Smartphone can claim as the best in its class? We think: there’s not a clear winner, for mini-smartphone you choose, is a matter of type of ultimately. You can read more about this in our detailed comparison.


Mini or Maxi: which Smartphone type am I?

Phablet, “ normal ” Smartphone ” or mini-Smartphone? What size for the respective user is right, depends on personal preferences. First of all, the question arises after the transport of the Smartphone. I already wear the Smartphone in your pocket, but in the bag, the question whether the good piece really fits in your Pocket is unnecessary. Current Phablets like the Sony Xperia Z ultra are spreading from the masses so that they are anything other than pocket-friendly. The flip side of difficult transportation of Phablets are but of course outstanding technical characteristics: As the newly named Sony Xperia Z is ultra with a large 6.4 ″ equipped full HD display and hardware, offers the other current high-end smartphones like the HTC one or the Samsung Galaxy S4 look old can be. Ideal for frequent users, people with poor eyesight and Smartphone gamers!

Typically, the mini smartphones for the masses but are the right choice, that’s why I want to break a lance for the mini smartphones times at this point. Even if the trend in the normal smartphones always in the direction of an even bigger display diagonal, really need you do so at least users. The best example is the Apple iPhone 5 – over the past generation the screen size was Apple of still far away from all trends at this tiny 3.5 ″ and yet was and is the Apple iPhone 4S today also still absolutely competitive and perfectly usable. Even after the update, the display diagonal only on 4 became the iPhone 5 ″ raised diagonal. Advantages: The display uses less power, is fully accessible with a finger and the Smartphone is transportable. Who after a powerful Smartphone with “ a small ” display searches, you will find it at the mini smartphones. And by the way: A smaller screen resolution must be not always a disadvantage, because the resolution is fine, the power consumption is the higher and higher the hardware requirements.

Accordingly, mini smartphones represent a good alternative for the broad masses of users – especially if you are already a tablet at home has. If you want a small display and yet maximum performance, is not quite ready, because Sony stands out mini with the Sony Xperia Z1 clearly from the mini competition, as I’ll show later yet.

HTC one mini – the boy under the Minis

The HTC one is still the best Android Smartphone with its metal design and stereo boom sound speakers on the front. Unfortunately has failed to transfer the production of 1:1 on the mini size, HTC and now in the frame used on polycarbonate. Is although not bad, but a bit it scrapes on the perfect mini style of the otherwise so perfect HTC one. Especially on the HTC one real good speakers are mini (“ HTC boom sound ”), which are best placed on the front. Also the special ultra pixel camera, but no optical image stabilizer, one finds mini at the HTC one.

With his 4.3 ″ HD display with a resolution of 1280 × 720 pixels is not exorbitantly high dissolved like the HTC one, but still so large, to identify any single pixel (341 DPI). The Snapdragon 400 chipset is (2 x 1.4 GHz) processor with 1 gb memory with dual-core in Bechmarks although about only half as fast as the HTC one, for it but also a full HD must be played at the HTC one resolution with significantly more pixels with content – in everyday life the differences in graphic-intensive applications are likely to be so marginal. The 16 gb internal memory can be expanded with a micro-SD card. LTE is installed and can be used with an appropriate data rate.

Only one downside to the HTC one is really mini in my opinion, that’s even less “ mini ” is, as it seems (more about it here). It is hardly less than the HTC one and not much cheaper (less than €100 difference). Therefore one must consider well, whether is the HTC one really worth mini or you should not anyway just access to minimally larger but also much better equipped HTC one.

Samsung Galaxy S4 mini – Galaxy clone in small

Also the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini is slightly cheaper to have (currently €349,-in the bridgat shop) and thus priced slightly more attractive than the HTC one mini. For this, it also offers not the design qualities of the HTC one mini – Samsung once again opts for a plastic look that dominated the Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4 Galaxy. For the weight with 107 g is really unbeatable low.

Also the Samsung Galaxy mini has a 4.3 ″ display, this but typically focuses on the Super-AMOLED technology and a slightly lower resolution (960 × 540 pixels), which provides for a pixel density of under 300 DPI (254 DPI). But otherwise you get the slightly better hardware package for the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini: though is also the Snapdragon 400, Samsung it cycles but with 2 x 1.7 GHz higher and installed more memory than the HTC one mini (1.5 gb). The store is but with 8 gb internally only half as large – a large incision, because you no longer can outsource map apps from Android 4.x on the SD (also not with apps!). After all, the memory with a micro SD card can be extended. The camera of the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini kandoi with 8 Megapixels and can record of course full HD videos liquid.

Plastic or no: the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini is also significantly smaller and cheaper than the Samsung Galaxy S4. Thus at least the Samsung is easier than in HTC internal comparison. Between HTC one mini and Samsung Galaxy S4 mini comparison is more difficult. I would be against the minimal stronger hardware of the S4 mini and for a better display, better quality housing and more memory at the HTC one mini decide that is also slightly more expensive.

Sony Xperia Z1 mini – Maxi-power in the guise of mini

Last I want to introduce mini still the Sony Xperia Z1, which plays in a different League than the previously featured mini smartphones. This is because that the Xperia Z1 mini is not yet available and is equipped with the next-generation hardware. Sony continues with the Xperia Z1 mini trend toward mini Smartphones have also mini-hardware – at least if the previous rumors so confirm.

That mini to Sony Xperia Z1 is the first mini Smartphone with Maxi power. Still comparable with the previously featured mini smartphones to mini a 4.3 also Z1 ″ display with a resolution of 1280 × 720 pixels (with Sony Triluminos technology) get. The similarities end here as well: with a Snapdragon 800 chipset with hochgetaktetem quad-core processor (4 x 2.3 GHz) the Xperia Z1 mini namely playing the high-end League plays with and can compete even with the current Phablet Sony Xperia Z ultra. 2 gb memory are unusual for a mini Smartphone. “ Not less than 20 mega pixels ” should make the camera of the Z1 mini photos and be equipped with a Sony Bionz image processor, which otherwise is in mirror reflex cameras from Sony. If you want so maximum power in the small enclosure, should wait any mini on Sony Xperia Z1 – the idea of the mini Smartphone with powerful steam is expected early September … I don’t expect a mini price then.