Middle class defines new: Samsung ACE, GIO, fit & mini

Samsung is still a guarantee so many models to publish, that’s difficult even seasoned experts to keep track of the differences between the models. Because the new models Samsung Galaxy ACE, GIO, be fit and mini nothing change, rather the contrary. The new generation of mid-range phones has a special feature: all 2.2, run with Android covered with surface of Samsung’s Touchwiz. That Samsung redefined the middle class – true smartphones are affordable!

Equipment and design

In the design the Samsung phones differ all though, but basic properties are common to mini of all smartphones by ACE: all have a touch screen, a fairly round-cute design. Three buttons can be found at the bottom, two of which are sensor-buttons without pressure point. The “ home ” button remains as a single button with fixed sear. In addition, there is a consistently good Grundausstattgung with HSPA, Wi-Fi (Wireless-N even), A-GPS and Bluetooth 2.1. In principle, so even the smallest model can be used as a navigation system and has high speed Internet access (subject to data flat). This equipment was almost unthinkable before a year at a mid-range mobile phone. The announced development away continues seamlessly from mobile to the multifunctional Smartphone. All smartphones, so Samsung ACE, GIO, are fit and mini, 2.2 ausgesttet by the way with the Android software. Samsung covers the operating system as had with the Touchwiz interface.

The models at a glance

As the largest model of the new middle class series the Samsung Galaxy ACE a 3.5 ″ display with a resolution of 320 × 480 pixels. The processor cycles at least 800 MHz, what should be easily enough for all applications. On the back of the Smartphone a camera with at least 5 megapixels, which is sufficient for snapshots in good light, can be found for more but not also to shed light on just an LED flash is installed? A micro SD card can be extended with the memory up to 32 gb. But, after all, have a 2 gb card is included in the basic equipment.

Actually only marginally, the smaller model Samsung Galaxy GIO differs from the larger brother ACE: it must be with a smaller 3.2 ″ touch screen come out and has only a 3 mega pixel camera completely without Blitz.Beide phones have an adequately large 1350 mAh battery installed.

With a 3.3 ″ display is the Samsung Galaxy fit equipped. This solves pixels with a coarser resolution of only 320 × 240 which is inherently less is timely, as the resolution of Samsung Galaxy ACE and GIO. There’s also a 5 mega pixel camera with auto focus.

For the smallest model of Samsung Galaxy mini customers with a small 3 must have ″ come out diagonal with also little resolution of 320 × 240 pixels. The integrated 3-megapixel camera has no auto-focus. Both Samsung Galaxy fit as also Galaxy mini are equipped with a 1200 mAh battery and have a 2 gb micro SD card included.

Availability and price

Should not technically spectacular models in February will be presented at the Mobile World Congress. It seems going to me, even if the prices are not known to spend just a little more for models Samsung Galaxy ACE or Galaxy GIO, because the small screen resolution can spoil a inherently have the joy of the smaller models. Proper surfing will thus certainly unthinkable and supported apps not likely with this resolution. Appear are the models in the first half of 2011. We will keep you informed about the development of!