Casual Zara for Autumn 2010: What Are The Trends for This Season?

A few days after that Zara let us see your for the month of October Lookbook his Casual style, let’s do a review of What are the trends by which the signing of Inditex has chosen this fall, because they are not but a faithful reflection (as it has become the custom) the best in trends and innovations found in the ateliers of the big names in the fashion world and that we have seen in large parades that have taken place between the months of September and October all over the world, only that a much more affordable price (let’s be honest, not everyone can afford to have an Yves Saint Laurent in our closet).

It’s a collection quite warm, with a very autumn touch, in which the point is without doubt its protagonist although acquires many stronger thanks to typical this season’s accessories such as hats, scarves, and even the bow tie, as I have already said, returning with force this fall both in the male looks (takes the vintage) as in the female (committed to masculinize the female style as you did in your time Coco Chanel). Take a look at all the news.

The Jacquard is fashionable

For those who don’t know, the Jacquard, that it comes to be what you have in the main photo, it is a type of point that is characterized by the repetition of geometric patterns of different colors. As well, found it in a myriad of collections this season and Zara he did not want to miss the opportunity to translate it into his autumn collection.

It is a type of point that as you can see gives the clothes a feeling quite warm and homey, at the same time allowing to introduce colors and geometric patterns to the wholesale at all the looks. If we contraponemos with tight pants, skinny pants, in earthy colors or camel type, we will get a very flattering effect.

We not only found it on the jerseys, but the vests, raincoats and accessories they have pointed to this new trend, each measuring in respective doses that it deems appropriate and combining it with dark or neutral funds to further enhance its optical effect. Undoubtedly one of winning bets from the firm this fall.

Accessories pick up force as wardrobe

No doubt Add-ins are the major players this season. Which will be in charge of giving the final touch and driving the look we choose the style that we decide. Hats, for example, in its version French beret or borsalinos in dark colors, get him a Bohemian-chic the whole if we get it together properly.

The fulares, handkerchiefs and Palestinians I have already said that they were not only thing of women. It is the time to get all the potential they have and use them not only as a way more than shelter, but also, thanks to his casual touch and the multitude of patterns that arise, to informalize some of our favorite looks and achieve new results.

While the Maxi-size last season, seems to be that Zara did not want to discard as soon this trend so successful, and scarves are still double back (also are paid to the Jacquard) with substantial widths Although they are committed to fairly muted colors to contrast with some total look, as the photo in color camel.

An adventurous style to explore autumn

I was surprised (pleasantly) see how adventurous style dominates the entire collection. With the exception of some looks that clearly are urban, in the footwear, for example, it tends to create treckking or mountain boots of which then take an infinite number of looks to combine them with denim and get very autumnal looks.

They are comfortable, warm, resistant and waterproof boots that are often worn with tongue by out to highlight about the initial set. In dark colors, not only protect and secure the foot they become in a element of contrast in general for the entire collection.

Formal vs. Informal

Finally I have to tell you of something that is increasingly more widespread and which is no longer as novelty, especially if we speak of Zara, because some others are still in the process of adaptation, but Zara is a pioneer in this style. I am referring to the use of the Blazer or the Blazer, interchangeably, in very informal looks in the figure.

Tends to combine it with Skinny pants, t-shirts in fairly informal prints and that, for the most part even in high boots, they are sneakers or even quite sporty. Thus we get a contrast of style and texture that gives us a Bohemian style and very urban complemented swimmingly with hats, scarves and accessories (handbags and wallets) hand from the rest of the collection.

And so deceive us, it’s a winning bet. The keys to achieve a style like this live know mix everything in correct doses and take into account that all parties must have the same importance, so we tend to the color contrast While the garment itself is in charge of the contrast of style thanks to the cut of the garments. If the jackets, trench coats and Blazers are in dark colors, that not I fear wearing pants of light and basic colors for t-shirts or shirts. There is where the grace of the whole.

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