Casual Zara: Lookbook of August and Progress of Trends of New Season

If not long ago I gave a preview of the collection autumn-winter 2010 / 2011 Zara, we now go back a little in time, or at least the stations, and show you the August Zara casual collection Lookbook. The same will think that it is too late by as input that is the month, but the reason for making a post with these looks is none other but guess or guess who will be the trends We will see in the collection for autumn winter 2010 / 2011.

Zara is the brand that always considers its collections of August as the impasse between both seasons (SS and AW) and she brings together trends on both sides, overlapping in a very curious way and hinting that it is what will bring in the colder seasons. And something already suspected, but after seeing the photo we can venture with less difficulty in the upcoming release of Inditex.

See it.

No doubt the first thing that draws the attention of the collection is to be in the month of August, jerseys abound. But beware, they are not any jerseys, for nothing. We are referring to jerseys normal, cotton or Lycra as usual provide us signature, but the point It is the undisputed protagonist of the collection.

With very autumnal colours and geometric patterns, we can see how it intends to put on warmer clothes (and that is…) in the months in which lower the temperature. We can be found in several models, predominating the cardigans on the neck or gooseneck.

On the other hand, the most innovative materials They also have pint of see the light in this new season. We have seen the desire of the mark by trying to introduce wetsuits or synthetic materials in its models quite successfully. This season, taking advantage of that you can give more rein in the outerwear, not should surprise us that are very common on the hangers of your shops.

And again, the fashion of the jeans baggys carried until the end Returns to make his guest appearance. It is a hybrid between pants baggy linen which tend to carry some Oriental societies (Indians occurs to me right now) but with a finish in straight lenght or slim fit that makes them different but not disposable. We can build with them an infinite number of looks that will be a question of analysing in depth.

And as we see, the pictures are still the predominant trend in this type of collections. Increasingly are abandoned more diamonds (with the war that gave a few years ago) and again make their appearance together with materials denim, in very vivid colors and not just shirts, but that we even see them in pants or shirts (type tweed but exaggerated).

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