Mobile Industry: The Big Losing Market Share

For the large in the mobile industry, it looks currently bad, because now comes only every fourth world’s selling smartphone from Samsung. Like it looks on the other side of the Atlantic, because also the arch-rival of Samsung, Apple loses market share. Happy Chinese producers can in the cell phone industry, however, Huawei and Lenovo – how are they with their partly much cheaper smartphones always successful.

Demand for cheap smartphones increases, in fact is it as high as never before: comparing the current quarter of the mobile industry with the prior-year quarter, so the entire smartphone market by 23.1 percent has grown in the 2nd quarter of 2014. With 295,3 million smartphones shipped could it been set completely new standards and surpassed the growth of the first strong quarter with a growth of 2.6 percent. For the third quarter it could look even better for the mobile industry, because the analysts assume that even 300 million smartphones shipped during this period.

Cheap Smartphones are in Demand

The cards are distributed in the mobile industry: worldwide Samsung sets the tone as before, the South Koreans are still market leaders with 74.3 million smartphones sold. However, that could change: In comparison they brought quarter 3.9% less smartphones to the man and the woman. Within a year, the South Koreans even by 32.3% to 25.2% market share has declined. It looks similar to Apple: the company has indeed dropped 12.4 percent more iPhones than in the prior-year period in the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China), due to strong market growth, market share compared to the same quarter by 13% to 11.9% declined. Market observers of the mobile industry see a reason for the lack of a competitive model in the Portofolio von Apple.

Huawei on Course for Success

Really good it is, however, Huawei: the Chinese Smartphone manufacturer, whose Flaggschiff-model used Huawei Ascend P7 also for us is very successful, in the second quarter of this year 95.1 percent more smartphones delivered than in the previous year in the same period.

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