Loewe, a Genial Lookbook for Spring/Summer 2011

For those who, like me, are tired of seeing campaigns and collections devoted to the long winter waiting for us, I invite you to take a look at the signature lookbook Loewe for the Spring-summer 2011. As I reflected yesterday with the campaign of Barney ’ s, today I also encounter the dilemma of knowing when a lookbook or a campaign is good, if clothing is great or when the environment gives the personality. In this case, is the clothing which takes 100% of the work (and gives me which are just photographs against a gray background).

The style of the clothes for next spring can not be better. Excluding some items, most found me very good, with a style very care, defined and studied. I hope that the collection in the shops, see soon because many things could be used already (at least in Seville) without waiting for the spring.

I’ve loved the jackets by way of short trench, as that heads this post and the one below. It seems to me a good idea for the days of puzzling temperatures. I think the fact of combining them with pants that leave guess ankles sensational. In the case of the look that follows, seems to me curious combination of the beige jacket with pink shorts. That Yes, the macuto I want it.

The Pink It has been very present in the lookbook (perhaps too much). The shirts have also succumbed to this garish color, combined with shorts in more neutral colours. Have not managed to find out where they come from the sunglasses that appear in the photographs, although views of far have very good pint. Once again, the next time you take a plane will be with a Loewe macuto.

The outerwear (I say wrap because another qualifier, I can’t think but in reality, if we talk about the spring-summer season, it make more sense to call them garments of halftime) I’ve loved. As this black jacket, combined with shirt and tie and pants of tweezers. Reminds me of a little partying style of the 90s (at least my father wore so for those years).

With the same style as the previous Huntress this is presented in color bronze, adjusted at the waist and perfect for all kinds of events, from an informal appointment at night to an every day at work or school.

I only managed to see a suit jacket the lookbook and the truth is that the result did not like me too. In the picture it looks perfect, but I still see me with a white suit with tie and purple Clipboard. Perhaps it is too far-fetched for me.

To me, as a whole, have quite liked clothes that appear in the Loewe spring/summer 2011 lookbook. I’ll stick mostly with the lot jackets (as I will call them so always) and just above the ankle pants. Do you think you?

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