Sfera, Collection Urban Fashion Fall-Winter 2010 / 2011

I have to admit that both the collections of Sfera as the of Bershka, for men, they have always been in the background for marks to be considered fundamentally female. But if we fall into this topic, we will be making a grave mistake because the reality is completely different, and you will find a collection not only with a variety of male clothing but, like its sister Inditex, Duster them fairly when it comes to draw models in imitation of the great collections with the advantage that cost at least 10 times less.

Recently, Sfera has released his new collection Urban Fashion for men fall-winter 2010 / 2011, a collection that at first glance can remind us of the Massimo Dutti Sport or even Zara, Although it differs from the first that introduces quite a few more notes of color, and the second, unless referred to lookbook October, which has more stylized and classic cuts and flees a bit of open spaces in the fashion. But this is only talk, better see photos.

The urban style the truth is that it has been relegated to the background, as all sets are the sea of elegant and I think that something away from what we understand by urban. In fact, pants become Chinese in many cases is that, combined with moccasins or nautical, they get a look, along with the jersey knit v-neck peak or boat, very pleasing to the eye. Looks very young but nothing new that we have not seen before.

The outerwear is made up primarily of anoraks, raincoats and American, in some cases, and with necks down-filled from Synthetic hair Although without being exaggerated. Colors, autumn, still do not fall into the topics (or typical, as you prefer) this season: not all are earthy and beiges, but Whites, pastels and clear persimmons also have your website.

The collection of jerseys It is quite extensive. We have various types, highlighting the smooth neck with v or boat, you will find them of Lycra, mixtures or point and in a variety of colors…

… or some of them with own design based geometric figures (diamonds and lines the greater part of them) in pretty colors and much reminiscent of those who can see in Zara or Lefties This same season.

Finally, if you are looking for is a more sober look, based jacket and pants, betting on a more formal style in which the total black is our ally, are lucky, because Sfera have at our disposal a variety of jackets, pants (two pieces) or even suits from one piece, at a very affordable price and with very modern cuts: double lapels, double or single buttoning, in black and marengos and with a design that quite fits the physiognomy of our body, giving it a more youthful character and, as they pursue, more urban.

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