Sony Ericsson chastised? Mix Walkman & txt Pro

Sony Ericsson has two new cheap phones presented to appear as of the third quarter to 119,-€: one that is Sony Ericsson mix Walkman, that new markets to conquer with an exceptional Karaoke function. So the Mp3 stored on the device can be played files and at the same time the appropriate text can be displayed. With the function “ suppress vocals ” appropriate vocal tracks are filtered, so that the inclined karaoke fan to the instrumental sound Los can sing – I’m stumped, who needs such a thing and what is was thinking Sony Ericsson. I hope anyway, that “ mobile karaoke ” is not a new trend in public transportation.
The Sony Ericsson Txt Pro is a phone with QWERTY keyboard, with the emphasis here quite clearly on the phone, because a Smartphone is not installed on the device operating system like Android – fast Internet access with UMTS there are no the rest also. Because Smartphone fans at this point are not read on and given the Windows phone fallen strongly in the price, the purchase of a mobile phone with proprietary operating system actually no longer worth 7 smartphones, I break off times at this point and wait for comments.

What do you think of Sony Ericsson mix Walkman and Txt Pro, which should be available soon for 119,-€?

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