Mobistel Cynus T5: Much performance, small price to pay!

Smartphones with Android are getting cheaper, and more powerful at the same time, while we know but mostly in what price range you can expect what equipment. Quite different from the Mobistel Cynus T5: for 250,-€, we get hardware equipment, which sounds more for high-end Smartphone. We explain but where are the weaknesses of the Mobistel Cynus T5 and what alternatives in this price range are present, you like in the blog bridgat.

One anticipated: the Mobistel Cynus T5 is large (144 x 74 x 10.7 mm) and therefore suitable not for everyone. With a 5 ″ display is the dual SIM Smartphone in the class “ Smartlet ” or “ Phablet ”, seems so as to classify mixture between Tablet and Smartphone. This one should be in clear Mobistel as premium associate producer is, but builds cheap Smartphone, it also somewhat cheap looking. Who can overlook, for the the Mobistel Cynus T5 could really be an interesting smartphone at an affordable price.


Design and quality workmanship

who at the Mobistel Cynus T5 a Smartphone on the level of an Apple iPhone in terms of the quality of workmanship expected, who will be disappointed. At a cost of around 250,-€, this is also understandable. In contrast to Huawei, have presented a budget Smartphone with true design qualities with the Huawei Ascend P6 Mobistel is a move to also visually rather than cheap.

The big plastic housing is relatively thick with 10, 7 mm, looking in vain for aluminum elements – for the Smartphone also given the size (155 g) is very easy. The back of the Smartphone is completely shiny and prone to fingerprints. Feels reminiscent touch at the Mobistel Cynus T5 on the Samsung Galaxy, where the quality and tactile buttons on Mobistel just a class are worse. Priced the whole but not compare, in this respect, the quality is not bad, but rather appropriate to a very affordable price. Positive is striking but the touch buttons located at the bottom of the enclosure and not – as usual – are integrated directly in the display. So you can use the display completely content.

Hardware and equipment


now to the really interesting features of the Mobistel Cynus T5. The Android Smartphone has a 5 ″ IPS screen with a HD resolution of 1280 × 720 pixels. This is not enough used while purely numerically at the top smartphones like the HTC one or the Samsung Galaxy S4, visually the display with 293 DPI acts always still so sharp that you can almost hardly see individual pixels. Here are the viewing angles also as well to refer to. Fade only the colors a bit at the strong tilt of the device, but in terms of readability top smartphones in nothing is.

, The processor is a library quad with a clocking of 4 x 1.2 GHz (Mediatek MTK6589). This provides the top smartphones not the hardware power, but enough for all graphic-intensive applications (E.g. real racing 3). The performance is not so far to classify note 2 behind the Samsung Galaxy, in the popular Antutu benchmark which is really for the price as well to classify. The performance of the Mediatek chipset is also a total Android itself. The Smartphone runs wonderfully fluid and can quite compete with the much more expensive competition. Also the memory is 1 gb not record big, but sufficient for all applications and even multitasking.

Camera on the back, really good which can be used, as it is often not the case else just at budget smartphones works the 12 mega pixel

surprisingly well. On the front you’ll find a two mega pixel camera, which is also sufficient for video telephony. As the award is, LTE nor NFC when the Mobistel Cynus T5. Strong saved in the internal memory, i.e. There is only 4 gb memory, which is already almost iron impact given the size of the Smartphones, especially because in the newer Android versions no longer install apps on the SD card. It can be set is so – after all, but the memory with a micro SD card can be extended.

Conclusion, availability and price

The Mobistel Cynus T5 is currently without any alternative with this size and facilities. If you want a great smartphone so affordable, it barely passes – even the current Android 4.2 is installed. Only the Alcatel scribe HD is a real alternative, because it also comes with a 5 ″ display and virtually the same hardware. Only the processing quality is slightly better at Alcatel. But otherwise the Mobistel Cynus T5 is a recommended Smartphone for those who want maximum hardware power and a large display at a low price, and who come to terms with the 4 gb small store.

The Mobistel Cynus T5 is in black and white available at a price of around 250,-€. For current prices please check in the bridgat shop.