Motorola DeXT: Social networks in the focus

Is a new slider Smartphone in the making: Motorola want the DeXT Smartphone on the market bring, what is best associated with the various social networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc.). The service presented on this phone is “ blur ” and allows at the same time in view to keep open without many different applications to have many different social networks.

Thing that immediately strikes at the Motorola DeXT, is the user interface. Here, the mobile phone maker, which in this country is attempting a reboot with Android has adapted this surface and “ blur ” developed. This is the interface that allows you to view multiple social services at the same time and always to get the latest news. This view is realized with different widgets, showing E.g. the latest news or show events. Depending on your preference, you can then personalize them and position. The upgrade, which makes the program, runs continuously. If someone changes such as his phone number on a social network, so also the own phone book is renewed.

Of course, the blur is news limited surface but not on mere receive. Furthermore, it is also possible to send messages in the networks. It is even possible to supply different networks at the same time. Should the cell phone once missing come and all personal data are also gone, so the data with another mobile phone can be deleted at any time. This is achieved, thus, that Motorola offered the blur service, known as cloud computing. Here are stored the data on a remote server can pass then subsequently also the deletion of the user. So then all of the data can be transferred to a new phone.

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