Motorola sets up: new Android phone Motorola Kobe

, The rumor mill bubbling for several weeks. The cell phone manufacturers Motorola rumors will bring an Android phone on the market soon to result. Already the Smartphone named Motorola Kobe with the type designation MB520 was spotted a few weeks ago. The device offers everything that belongs to a good Smartphone (such as a 3.5-inch sharp display). Saving is however when it comes to camera. Here, the user must come unfortunately with only three small megapixel camera without Flash. It is unclear when, and at what price the Kobe with us will be available. Supposedly it will initially be available in the United States.

Features of the Motorola Kobe

Motorola brings the rumors to sequence a Smartphone on the market, which is characterised in particular by its display. This supposedly has a size of 3.5 inches and to a sharp resolution of 854 X 480 pixels. The Smartphone will be equipped with the Google Android 2.1 operating system and the user interface familiar from Motorola Motorblur. Still, the rumor has it that are we going the Kobe with an OMAP processor from Texas Instruments 800-megahertz. But still, it is unclear whether it should be an OMAP 3440 or an OMAP 3630. What is certain is that the Smartphone will have a 512 megabyte memory and two gigabytes of internal memory. The space can be of course as usual with a microSDHC card. The memory card is expected to be included. Somewhat carelessly, camera was however dealt with the feature. Here, the Kobe offers little three megapixels, which must also do without Flash.
It is interesting however again that here such as the Samsung Galaxy S will be entering text Swype as well as additionally installed the Voice software vlingo.

More upcoming Motorola phones

Also announced, but so far still not available, is the Motorola charm. It’s a Smartphone with a solid equipment, which however also the camera has been somewhat neglected. The Smartphone in its optical strongly reminiscent a BlackBerry. It offers a full QWERTY keyboard and a touchscreen 7.1 cm in diameter. Also of course fast Wi-Fi, HSDPA and HSUPA connections are guaranteed, as well as quick GPS navigation. As already mentioned: was saved at the pixels of the camera. It offers only three megapixels as also the Kobe. Continue to be available soon will be the milestone 2 Motorola. This offers five with a megapixel camera a little more in this area. It also has a huge touchscreen display with 9.3 cm in diameter and it runs with the new operating system from Google Android 2.2

Availability and price

When exactly the Motorola Kobe will be available, is it so far. As soon as we have information about it, as well as the price, you can learn it in our blog by bridgat. Also the Motorola charm and the Motorola milestone 2 can still waiting. We can inform you as soon as the Smartphones with us will be available. To do this simply click on the button “Notification when available” next to the phone in the shop and once the desired Smartphone is available, receive from us free of charge and not binding an email reminder.