Motorola Pro: Blackberry competition from April at Vodafone

Not only touchscreen smartphones are in vogue, but above all smartphones with full keyboard in the QWERTY format. No wonder, because is the phone more and more to a multifunctional device that is used among other things to write E-Mails and text messages. So far the keyboard and a cell phone in portrait mode in combination was uncommon but – only RIM makes the BlackBerry Smarthphones Klassisch erweise in this format. Now other manufacturers are discovering this format for: Motorola has been confined so far with the milestone and milestone 2 to the landscape and soon wants to bring a business smartphone in portrait mode on the market with the Motorola Pro.


Design and processing

the design of the Motorola Pro is reluctant due to his purpose as a business device and noble. With small dimensions, it fits in any pocket and weighs about as much as an iPhone 4 with 134 g. I see this weight as a good compromise between quality and mobility, as a device to light works fast “ cheap ”. By the fact that there are touching a haptic feedback via gentle vibration at display, operation will be more pleasant. In addition, the keyboard in the QWERTY layout is a lot easier when it comes to typing longer texts, emails or messages on social networks. For readability even under poor light conditions, Motorola has bought a lighting of the Motorola Pro Control Panel. Overall the Motorola Pro looks elegant processes, by abandoning a slider mechanism mechanical vulnerabilities are less available and by the so-called “ Candybar ” format can be written quickly with the keyboard with one hand.

Hardware and equipment

As mid-range Smartphone with Android the Motorola Pro certainly not high end hardware are expected. On the other hand also hardly a user needs a dual-core processor, so the Motorola Pro with the 1 GHz processor is just right: the performance should be more than sufficient for all applications. All content is presented with a 3.1 ″ multi touch display with a resolution of 320 × 480 pixels. Continue to the Motorola Pro features a 5 megapixel camera with dual-LED Flash, which should be more than enough for snapshots. A-GPS, Wi-Fi and HSPA for fast Internet access are also available. The Motorola Pro can be used even as a portable Wi-Fi hotspot. The software of Motorola Pro is Android version 2.2.

Availability and price

According to statements made by Vodafone to the Motorola Pro in Germany as of the 2nd quarter be available, meaning April 2011 in the best case. We can gladly inform you once the Motorola Pro in the bridgat shop is available. Simply go to the article page in the bridgat shop and then click “ notification when available ”. You get free and non-binding address then after the registration of your email an email from us. It is currently unknown what will cost the Motorola Pro. Based on technical data, representing currently mid-range devices, I’m but a price of 350,-€ (without a contract).