Motorola ROKR ZN50 – new high-end device on the Korean market

Motorola has unveiled a new mobile phone: the ROKR ZN50. Unfortunately, the device only in the Korean market will appear. It offers some great features.

The touchscreen device comes with built-in TV receiver. Allegedly, TV in high quality should be possible. In addition to the touch screen, there is even a keyboard that is revealed when pushed on the device, so that writing E-Mails or SMS is very comfortable.

The ZN50 features a 3.2-inch TFT display and can display 262,000 colors. The weight is 143 g. The battery according to the manufacturer’s specifications up to 30 hours music playback aimed.

Internet and data reception
Fürs fast surfing in the Internet there is HSDPA, speeding up the download of files. Bluetooth is also available.

A special sound system ensures a particular sound and also make the device the music mobile. There are then still a 3.5 mm connection for headphones.

Camera and memory
Also the obligatory camera exists of course. It has over 3.2 mega pixels.
The internal memory of 4 GB can be extended on 16 GB.

And …
Of course, the ROKR ZN50 is also GPS – with a built-in satellite receiver.

Unfortunately, the Motorola ROKR ZN50 only in Korea will appear, there is no info about a Germany release.