Motorola Sholes aka droid – can, what can’t the iPhone …

With the Motorola Sholes that will now bear the official name of droid blinking Motorola a a real fresh start. Although the manufacturer has already released an Android Smartphone, the DeXT is technically rather an entry-level Smartphone. Thus the Android here is accents: 3.7 ″ touch screen display, a full QWERTY keyboard when the housing is very shallow and the new version of the Google Android system called Android 2.0 (incl. Update “ donut ”). Advertising by an American network operators can also look … more about this in the article!

First data and facts, and Motorola droid

, Publishing innovative software in conjunction with efficient and clean processed hardware seems to be working here. Google Android is operating systems, which can score points by a fast-growing Appstore and good operation as operating systems probably at the moment the on str ebenste, and one of the Smartphone. Especially interesting: With the Motorola DeXT Android 2.0 will be for the first time available on a Smartphone. This makes the software range of course all the more interesting and attractive.

To the hardware of the Motorola DeXT can be so far much speculation. Zuminst have that by can grab pictures from your Smartphone to blogger and think that the Motorola DeXT is the flacheste Smartphone with QWERTY keyboard at all. In addition, they praise the excellent capacitive touch screen. To the processor, you can already say that it will be processor to a TI OMAP3430, which is typically clocked at 600 MHz (such as the Palm Pre). Up to 1 GHz are probably possible, what seems quite realistic for the Motorola DeXT. HTC has shown with the HD2 that also very flat smartphones can have ample power – the HTC Smartphone has also 1000 MHz.

Wi-Fi, GPS and a 5 megapixel camera with auto focus built into the Smartphone will be. It is expected that also HSDPA will be on board.

Consistently against the iPhone – advertising for the Motorola droid

That you see advertising links alongside this article is advertising a US operator. Here it shows, what can’t the iPhone. It is for example “ I have no real keyboard ” or “ I have no exchangeable battery ”. You guessed it … everything that the iPhone can’t, can the Motorola droid of course!

Availability and price of the Motorola droid

First, the Motorola droid in the United States will appear. According to media reports, the Smartphone will come out in November of this year. When it comes to the market in Germany and whether it appears exclusively at a network provider, is currently not known. You can let us inform themselves but free of charge as soon as the mobile phone with us is available. To do this simply click on the article page of the Motorola droid, and then click “ notification when available ”. You receive an email from us once the Smartphone with us is available.